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MP backs campaign to keep maternity services

A SHADOW minster, with personal experience of Solihull Hospital, is backing the campaign to keep full maternity services there.

EU ballot call

I SHARE Robert Watts’ sense of betrayal at David Cameron’s failure to offer the obvious alternative to a referendum on the now-ratified Lisbon Treaty (Letters).

Broken promise

DAVID Cameron’s decision to break his ‘cast iron’ EU election promise to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, marks a new low in British politics.

Man for the job

WHO but a fool would entrust a delicate operation on his teeth to someone unqualified or totally inexperienced in dentistry?

Callous pastime with no place in life today

I HAVE always been opposed to the ritualistic hunting down of animals mainly because the activity demeans us as human beings, as well as being cruel to the animal involved.

Nikki aims for double triumph

IT’S a challenging period for Nikki Sinclair, MEP, as she stands for election as UKIP leader and, just this week, announced her decision to challenge Caroline Spelman, MP for Meriden in the next general election.

Care but at a cost

YESTERDAY we said farewell to Stan Darling, the founder of the Monkspath surgery.

Hospice now

HOW can there be an objection to relocating Marie Curie Hospice?

MP calling for more action over drinking

MERIDEN MP Caroline Spelman has called on the Government to take action to curb binge drinking.

US families pay £800 a month for healthcare

I NOTICE the local Tories are holding a rally in support of the Maternity Unit, at Solihull Hospital.

Safety is priority

Your recent articles regarding maternity services in Solihull call for a response that both outlines the true situation and reassures women in Solihull, particularly mothers-to-be and those thinking of pregnancy.

Good value

I READ your article about Caroline Spelman and I am surprised that ‘local MP claims less than average’ makes headline news!

Smarten up

I AM very concerned about the lack of security at Birmingham International Airport for someone to so easily enter the compound, fire bomb the police helicopter and escape unhindered.

Trolley rip off

WE returned from holiday via Birmingham Airport yesterday.. As if the £1 drop off fee wasn’t enough they are now charging a non-refundable £1 for a luggage trolley.

Voters urged to turn out for European elections

NEXT Thursday is European Elections day across the UK.

Hague’s in town - ‘time for change’

SHADOW Foreign Secretary William Hague mingled with Silhillians yesterday (Thursday) as the Conservatives canvassed across the borough.

MPs defer decision on Caroline Spelman over nanny payment

  • BBC

THE political future of Caroline Spelman still hangs in the balance after MPs failed to decide whether she acted improperly by using public money to pay for childcare.

'High' Tory threat to MP Lorely's seat

SOLIHULL's Liberal Democrat MP Lorely Burt is set to lose her seat at the next election, the party's annual conference in Bournemouth was told this week.

Victim of whispers

I COULDN'T believe my ears at the news that Caroline Spelman had been accused of paying her children's nanny out of parliamentary expenses.


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