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Not enough parking

I WRITE after the article, ‘Cautious yes to superstore plan’ (Solihull News).

Despicable act

To the person(s) who burgled our home.

For Sainsbury's

THE Dorridge & District Residents Association (DDRA) have been listening to the community and reviewing the latest submission for the redevelopment of Dorridge centre into a supermarket.

Sainsbury's plan backed by Dorridge & District Residents Association

A CONTROVERSIAL supermarket application has been backed by Dorridge & District Residents Association (DDRA).

No room

Your correspondents supporting the Sainsbury application seem to do so while ignoring the problems that such a huge store will bring to the village.

Have vision

THE centre of Dorridge needs more than a facelift. Only the opportunities offered by the recently submitted revised Sainsbury’s proposals for the Forest Court site can prevent complete commercial implosion in Dorridge as it faces increasing future competition from other nearby centres.

Sainsbury's in Dorridge: Time to try something new?

VILLAGERS in Dorridge have given a cautious thumbs up to the revised plans for a Sainsbury’s supermarket.

Positive outlook

HAS a corner been turned in the battle over Sainsbury’s at Forest Court?

Just the tonic

WE would like to express our full support for the Sainsburys development of Forest Court in Dorridge.

Cautious yes to superstore plan

VILLAGERS in Dorridge have given a cautious thumbs up to the revised plans for a Sainsbury’s supermarket.

Have your say: Is proposed Sainsbury's store in Dorridge a good thing?

The Solihull News is opening up the big Dorridge Sainsbury's store issue for debate.

Back the plan

REGARDING Sainbury’s proposed development in Dorridge, we have lived in Dorridge for 27 years, during which time we have seen the huge development of housing in the area, with very little improvement in the infrastructure, and observed the recent decline of Forest Court with dismay.

Plans submitted for new Dorridge store

AS one battle ends another continues, plans have been submitted for a supermarket in Dorridge.

Plans for Forest Court in Dorridge re-submitted by Sainsbury's

Sainsbury’s has submitted its revised development plans for Forest Court, Dorridge to Solihull Council.

Plans for Dorridge

SAINSBURY’S held a workshop at Forest Court, Dorridge on Monday (May 9) to discuss further proposals for a new supermarket on the site.

Big issues facing the next Solihull borough council

WITH the local election results announced today, the Solihull News looks at what the big issues are likely to be over the next 12 months.

Sense, please

Over the last few weeks I have read with interest the letters coming in concerning the opening of two potential supermarkets in Knowle and Dorridge.

Figures down

In reply to Mr Caffery’s letter of April 1 about my column highlighting the 29 per cent drop in teenage pregnancies in Solihull in the last 10 years I would like to point out that this figure refers to conception rates and not birth rates.

Keep them out

I keep seeing letters about how glad people are that Asda has been stopped and that we do not need a new supermarket in Solihull, but while they have been doing this no one has noticed that a supermarket is coming through the back door.

Hump taken

WHY do we have a scattering of speed humps on side road in Olton when roads like St Bernards, Silhill Hall and School Lane which invite speeding motorists don’t have any?

Villagers divided over store plans

DISCONTENT in Dorridge abounds as villagers draw battle lines over plans for a Sainbury’s supermarket.

Working for all

I suspect the majority of residents in Dorridge would agree that life would be so much better for us if Sainsbury’s gave us a foodstore in Forest Court .

Store too big

I have carefully considered the implications for the proposed new Sainsbury’s site in Dorridge.

Public crowd to see plans

A PUBLIC exhibition about Sainsbury’s revised plans to regenerate Forest Court in Dorridge attracted more than 1,300 people.

Fears growing on supermarket plan

AN ACTION group remains concerned by the scale of Sainsbury’s plans for Dorridge.

New plans for Dorridge

SAINSBURY’S have unveiled amended plans for a new store in Dorridge with the promise of at least 200 jobs.

Happy to have moved

ONE more Forest Court business has moved premises in Dorridge with the help of Sainsbury’s.

Dorridge eyes new store plans

REVISED plans to build a Sainsbury’s store in Dorridge have been met with a lukewarm reaction by local action group Dorridge Residents Opposed to Village Superstore (DROVS).

Left standing

ARE any other Solihull/ Dorridge/ Bentley Heath residents having as much trouble with the S2 and S3 bus service as we are?

Surgery plan in jeopardy

REVISED plans for a Sainsbury’s supermarket in Dorridge have excluded proposals to build a new doctors’ surgery.

Court concerns

I agree with the concern expressed by M Overend regarding the decline of shopping facilities in Dorridge (Letters, Sept 3).

Sainsburys praises Dorridge residents over Forest Court plan

DORRIDGE residents turned out last month to a workshop organised by Sainsbury’s.

Park alert

THE revised Shirley Advance/Asda amended Parkgate development is still an unnecessary supermarket joined by a wind swept alley to a few shops.

Staff betrayed

WHAT a contradiction of words, the MG Rover Trust Fund, should have been called a slush fund, because now we see that the workers who created the wealth of this fund will probally miss out on any payment.

Chance for a say on village future

RESIDENTS will be invited to have their say on the future of Dorridge, following the recent decision to throw out plans for a Sainsbury’s supermarket.

Fine service

Fine service


THIS refers to Neil Charrington’s ‘appraisal’ of the decision of the Planning Committee to refuse the Sainsbury proposal for Forest Court (Letters).

Forest fury

I HAVE left it over a week to respond, to allow me time to calm down and make a less emotional appraisal of the decision made by the Solihull Planning Committee to throw out the planning application of Sainsbury’s redevelopment of Dorridge Centre.

Your own fault

AS someone who began working at a shop in Forest Court, Dorridge in 1979 and stayed several years I have followed the current saga with regard to the desirability or otherwise of Sainsburys taking over the area with great, and to some extent detached interest.

Last chance

DUDLEY Taylor Pharmacies Ltd (trading as Dyhouse Pharmacy, Dorridge), is the longest serving shop in the Forest Court Arcade.


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