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The right road

Crumbling HS2

What a week for critics of the HS2 scheme! A petition of no less than 108,000 signatures went in to 10 Downing Street, plenty of them from Solihull and Meriden, all calling for the £34 billion project to be scrapped now.


THE suggestion of youth centre closures reported in the Solihull News appears to have originated from a confidential paper on a review carried out for last year’s Labour/Liberal administration.

Another trust

IN response to your reader’s comments about Ward 10 at Solihull Hospital I think that it is very important to make it clear that the mental health services at the hospital are not run by the hospital they are run by Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust, which is a separate organisation.

Lost generation

REGARDING our angry MP (Solihull News) Caroline Spelman needs to get less angry and more concerned!

Roll up your sleeves

MP LORELY Burt asks for the readers’ take on the violence and damaged parts of Britain (Solihull News).

We were warned

AT last the reality of exporting all our jobs is becoming our economic downfall, for years many such as me have been warning of this madness, and we have been ridiculed by the politicians who have stood idly by.


I HAVE been listening with increasing frustration to the presentation of HS2 simply as a way of Midlanders getting to London a bit quicker.

Pension fury

YOUR anonymous correspondent on the teachers’ pension strike (Letters) shows a remarkable lack of understanding for a school governor.

Cornish parking

ON a visit to Cornwall last month I received a parking ticket, the first in 39 years of driving.

Gearing up for a bike bid

TWO teenagers are tackling a 1,000-mile cycle ride.

Tax on movement

I’M delighted that the M6 Toll Road is failing, because if it had succeeded we would have had toll roads all over Britain, and it’s bad enough now with fuel prices and road tax, without any more expenses on movement in Britain.

Doing his bit

FOOD BILLS rocketing, gas and electric shocking, pump prices pulverising, so thank goodness we are all in this together.

Stuck on Hillfields

Last week, some residents in the Hillfield area were warned that the pavements outside their houses would be resurfaced at some unspecified time over the next few days.

Honest soul

TO THE person who found the black backpack that I left in Morrison’s car park on Friday, May 20 and handed it in to the store - thank you so, so much.

On the verge

Yet again, the “wild” verges in the town have just burst into flower e.g.

Myth buster

Once more we are subject to the ramblings of Mr J Bramham (News 6 May) on HS2.

It’s all connected

If as ‘sons and daughters’ of God whatever name he is known by and we were all pulling ‘together’ for the future of this world and If the world was a sentient being, which parts of the Earth correspond to which part of your body?

Lighten up

I wonder how many people were taken in by the April Fool’s joke in last week’s Solihull News?

Worst fears

Last Saturday, when HHAG staged its HS2 exhibition in Chelmesley Wood, residents confirmed our worst fears about its likely impact.


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Multimedia Journalist
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Multimedia Journalist
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