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Get it right

I suppose it is inevitable that HS2 protesters are resorting to exaggeration and misrepresentation (Letters).

Stop whining

ALL change is not progress, but in the case of HS2 it certainly is.

All above board

AS far as I can recall I have never spoken with your correspondent Steve Green who makes so free with my name (Letters).

Star thank you

I AM hoping that this letter will be printed in order that I can personally thank everyone who was kind enough to vote for me and made it possible for me to become the first Shining Star created by the Shirley Town Centre Partnership.

They’re all right

I begin to wonder - do our Front Bench of millionaires know what goes on in the real world?

Plan update

WITH reference to your article “Church plans re-submitted” (Solihull News) having checked with the council planning department I would advise that whilst the domed extension has been removed in the new application (2010/2042) the stand-alone tower remains, be-it marginally reduced in size.

Rolf ready to rock at arena

  • BBC

ROLF Harris has been added to the Rock With Laughter bill this weekend at the LG Arena.

In decline

Regrettably the problems of the Labour/Liberal Democrat administration at Solihull Council are not just about defections and the Deputy Leader’s resignation (Solihull News).

A trusty guide

ANN Polson extols the beauty of nature (Faith Matters, October 8) but with no justification at all, concludes ‘It all speaks of God - a creator!’

Carry on

AS a parent of school children in the borough at one of the schools applying for academy status I am in agreement with the actions of the very competent leaders of the top performing schools in the borough who have made decisions to apply for academy status.

Bus pass folly

SO the coalition government is now thinking of taking away bus passes from the elderly.

Keep it clean

In his letter (Solihull News July 23) Councillor Timothy Hodgson states that the Conservatives are ‘now keen to deny their policies’ What arrant nonsense!

Failing figures

FIGURES for the population of Britain are a little sketchy and I was never very good with percentages, but I can work out that Britain is in a mess, you know as Christians we are always being asked why stuff happens.

Top for care

IN reply to the letter of June 4 from Patricia McEneany entitled (First Class).

A mere theory

RE: letters, Harry Scharf, J Greaves, P Derridge. (Solihull News). Harry it’s great to hear from you again,you can put yourself first, you have answered your own letter, don’t worry about 13 it’s just superstitious nonsense, the last line of your letter you have written I believe, say it Harry accept the joy and love of our Lord.

Red alert

THE NEC Group, which owns the National Exhibition Centre and other major regional assets, has joined the growing number of UK companies which have closed their final salary pension schemes.

Ten out of ten

CONGRATULATIONS to our new Coalition Government that has signed up to 10.10 in its first week.


I AM writing to thank the lady and her two children that helped me in Brueton park a couple of weeks ago.

Staff betrayed

WHAT a contradiction of words, the MG Rover Trust Fund, should have been called a slush fund, because now we see that the workers who created the wealth of this fund will probally miss out on any payment.

Church to opens its doors

SOLIHULL Spiritualist Church is holding an Open Weekend at its new premises.

Mown down

AT long last, how lovely to see spring has arrived. Elmdon Park is looking lovely with swathes of crocuses just opening up, then along comes Enterprise and mows them all down!

Stop Lorely!

I WAS wondering if anybody else was feeling bombarded, as I do, with the current information - no pictures and promotion of Lorely Burt - flooding our letterboxes.

Man for the job

WHO but a fool would entrust a delicate operation on his teeth to someone unqualified or totally inexperienced in dentistry?

Care but at a cost

YESTERDAY we said farewell to Stan Darling, the founder of the Monkspath surgery.

Spreading the bug

I RECENTLY visited Solihull’s flagship Central Library, formerly a bustling and vibrant public area in the heart of town.

Safety is priority

Your recent articles regarding maternity services in Solihull call for a response that both outlines the true situation and reassures women in Solihull, particularly mothers-to-be and those thinking of pregnancy.


YET again Solihull Carnival posters have been put up on lampposts close to or at junctions.

Trolley rip off

WE returned from holiday via Birmingham Airport yesterday.. As if the £1 drop off fee wasn’t enough they are now charging a non-refundable £1 for a luggage trolley.

Fury over pool

I WOULD like to express my continual disgust at the farce which is Solihull Leisure Centre.

Revenue raiser

I WAS horrified to read recently that Warwickshire County Council plans to remove or not provide ‘speed’ camera warning signs.

From Everest via Glastonbury

There are guitarists. And there are guitarists. And then there’s the man they call Harpic.

‘It’s a paradise for robbers’

I WENT to Tudor Grange leisure centre on Friday, January 30.

Sort this mess out now!

What an absolute nightmare the residents of Ralph Road must be going through with their gardens being flooded.


Cathrina Hulse
Multimedia Journalist
Annette Belcher
Multimedia Journalist
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