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Figures down

In reply to Mr Caffery’s letter of April 1 about my column highlighting the 29 per cent drop in teenage pregnancies in Solihull in the last 10 years I would like to point out that this figure refers to conception rates and not birth rates.

Candidates battle it out

CANDIDATES have been announced for this year’s local elections, with less than a month to go before residents go to the polls.

Brussels sprout

WOW - I thought I had heard it all! I have just read that EU rules are into more rubbish!

Fares deemed unfair for users

SOLIHULL council’s proposals to introduce transport charges for day centre users and take away an allowance for disabled people have been slammed as ‘unfair’ and ‘mean-minded penny-pinching’.

All above board

AS far as I can recall I have never spoken with your correspondent Steve Green who makes so free with my name (Letters).

Take a taxi

In reply to Dr Youssef about the planned Coptic Church in Caldwell Grove.

Empire builders ‘should be axed’

‘EMPIRE building middle managers’ at Solihull Council should face the chop says a borough councillor.

Garden grabbing

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Little wonder that Lorely Burt is confused about the position of local Liberal Democrats on ‘Garden Grabbing’ given their current disarray.

Loan plan to fill schools shortfall

CASH-poor Solihull Council is looking at borrowing £4.6m to plug a hole in a school-building programme.

Fighting to keep the trees in Shirley Park

OVER 300 people turned out at a protest last weekend - hitting out a plans to pull down trees and hedgerow in Shirley Park.

Right answers

ACADEMIES may not be a universal panacea for poor performance but the opposition from two councillors (Letters July 30) seems based on selective memory rather than rational argument.

Getting there

I AM writing in response to the letters in last week’s edition about refuse collections.

Vote of thanks

THROUGH the Solihull News I would like to personally thank the 23,460 residents who voted Conservative last Thursday.

Coalition looms as Tories suffer losses

Solihull Council could be going the same way as Westminster with two of the three main parties forming a coalition

Solihull Council local election results

Solihull Council - Local Elections Results

Local election results prompt coalition talks between Solihull's Labour and Lib Dems

Labour and the Liberal Democrats will have “serious talks” about creating a coalition to take overall power of Solihull Council away from the Conservatives

Figure please

DESPITE being cash-strapped, Solihull Council insists it will not consider trimming its workforce to reduce costs.

Tax shocker

THE reorganisation of the old Hockley Heath Parish into three separate Parishes is proving a financial disaster for the majority of their residents.

In the picture

REGARDING the letter from ‘Pat’ - regarding Loreley Burt leaflets - prompted me to check the colourful Maggie Throup leaflet with which we have been blessed, and I find it has no less that 13 different colour photos of the Tory candidate - so is that lucky 13 or not?

Council rakes in £500,000 in fines

SOLIHULL Council raked in more than £500,000 in parking fines last year.

Safer driving

I READ with interest the recent article about the petition by Labour’s campaigning team calling for a 20mph limit outside the borough’s schools.

Smarten up

I AM very concerned about the lack of security at Birmingham International Airport for someone to so easily enter the compound, fire bomb the police helicopter and escape unhindered.

Bike plans slammed as waste of money

PLANS to get youngsters on their bikes or walking to and from Arden School as part of a green scheme in Knowle have been slammed as a waste of money by a borough councillor.

Plans for Arden School cycle scheme slammed by Knowle councillor Jeff Potts

PLANS to get youngsters on their bikes or walk travelling to and from Arden School as part of a green scheme in Knowle have been slammed as a waste of money by a borough councillor.

Cutting a path to ruin

I AGREE with Mrs Spelman that the greatest economic crisis facing the world since the Great Depression should give ‘us all pause for thought’ (Solihull News).

Fury over pool

I WOULD like to express my continual disgust at the farce which is Solihull Leisure Centre.

Solihull Ratepayers slam councillor pay rise

SOLIHULL Council leader Ken Meeson has been forced on the defensive over recent pay rises for local councillors.

‘It’s a paradise for robbers’

I WENT to Tudor Grange leisure centre on Friday, January 30.


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