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Left standing

ARE any other Solihull/ Dorridge/ Bentley Heath residents having as much trouble with the S2 and S3 bus service as we are?

Voting Labour

I am writing in connection to Councillor Simon Slater’s change of political allegiance from Lib Dem to Labour.

MP speaks out over burka ban

MERIDEN MP Caroline Spelman has waded into the debate over whether Britain should ban burkas, defending the right of Muslim women to wear them.

Triumphant Burt retains Solihull while Spelman is returned with a thumping majority

THEY said every vote would count and it did - Lib Dem Lorely Burt has managed to cling on to her seat by less than 200 votes.

Solihull candidates clash in election debate

WHILE the leaders’ debates have caused a political avalanche, on a local level these clashes are a time-honoured part of the election race.

Into the firing line

IT wasn’t quite pistols at dawn as candidates for the constituency of Solihull faced each other in The Independent Live soap box debate on Wednesday (April 28) but shoppers enjoyed questioning the politicians.

Quizzing candidates

WELL-over 100 people turned out for an election debate, held at Light Hall School on Sunday afternoon.

Clash of the contenders

CANDIDATES standing in the General Election will clash not once, but twice, in the next seven days.

Candidates confirmed

THE last few candidates have been confirmed for next month’s General Election.

Solihull candidates to clash

CANDIDATES standing in the General Election will clash not once, but twice, in the next seven-days.

MEP Nikki aiming to take seat

MEP Nikki Sinclaire has revealed she will stand for the newly-created Solihull & Meriden Residents Association at next month’s election.

MEP battles to return to party

A SOLIHULL-based MEP, who was recently expelled from UKIP, is to take legal action against her former party.

Solihull-based MEP expelled from UKIP

SOLIHULL-based MEP Nikki Sinclaire has been expelled from UKIP, the party has confirmed.

Question mark over future of MEP Nikki

MEP Nikki Sinclaire will meet with UKIP officials on Monday to discuss whether she stays with the party.


THE EU’s Transport and Tourism Committee is proving to be a gold mine of news stories.

EU ballot call

I SHARE Robert Watts’ sense of betrayal at David Cameron’s failure to offer the obvious alternative to a referendum on the now-ratified Lisbon Treaty (Letters).

Broken promise

DAVID Cameron’s decision to break his ‘cast iron’ EU election promise to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, marks a new low in British politics.

Nikki aims for double triumph

IT’S a challenging period for Nikki Sinclair, MEP, as she stands for election as UKIP leader and, just this week, announced her decision to challenge Caroline Spelman, MP for Meriden in the next general election.

Care but at a cost

YESTERDAY we said farewell to Stan Darling, the founder of the Monkspath surgery.

Safety is priority

Your recent articles regarding maternity services in Solihull call for a response that both outlines the true situation and reassures women in Solihull, particularly mothers-to-be and those thinking of pregnancy.

Smarten up

I AM very concerned about the lack of security at Birmingham International Airport for someone to so easily enter the compound, fire bomb the police helicopter and escape unhindered.

Local flavour to Euro elections

SOLIHULL finds itself well-represented after the European elections. Two of the six West Midlands MEPs live in the borough: Conservative Malcolm Harbour and UKIP’s Nikki Sinclaire.

Labour party trails BNP in Solihull in European elections

LABOUR was dealt a hammerblow by Solihull voters at last week’s European elections – polling less than the BNP in the borough.


YET again Solihull Carnival posters have been put up on lampposts close to or at junctions.

Trolley rip off

WE returned from holiday via Birmingham Airport yesterday.. As if the £1 drop off fee wasn’t enough they are now charging a non-refundable £1 for a luggage trolley.

Voters urged to turn out for European elections

NEXT Thursday is European Elections day across the UK.

Make your vote count in European Parliament elections

ON June 4, the West Midlands will decide which six candidates will be representing the region in the European Parliament.

White van fury

I WOULD like to know just what it takes, when you have the misfortune of living in Chelmsley Wood, to get a large white Transit van removed.

Cutting a path to ruin

I AGREE with Mrs Spelman that the greatest economic crisis facing the world since the Great Depression should give ‘us all pause for thought’ (Solihull News).

Fury over pool

I WOULD like to express my continual disgust at the farce which is Solihull Leisure Centre.

Europe: Good idea or gravy train?

WITH the worst of the Winter weather now seemingly behind us, it’s time to look forward to sunnier months, and the highlight of any political calendar - the European elections.

‘It’s a paradise for robbers’

I WENT to Tudor Grange leisure centre on Friday, January 30.

Budding MEP Nikki is voted in as candidate

THE UK Independence Party has voted in a list of candidates for the 2009 European Elections including Nikki Sinclaire, from Solihull.

True believer

UNLIKE dear 'butterfly style' Josie Herbert (letters, August 22), who hovers between being Tory, Labour and Lib Dem (and by her extreme anti-Europe attitude - soon UKIP?), I'm proud to have been a Labour activist for the last 65 years, who tries to constantly practise what I preach.

Stamp of EU

IN response to Coun Tim Hodgson's letter attacking UKIP, (Solihull News) I would suggest he should face the reality of the Lib Dems' love of all things EU!


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