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Caroline Spelman

Caroline Spelman

Meriden MP Caroline became a Member of Parliament in 1997. The Dorridge resident has been one of the Conservative's most high-profile women MPs in recent years and previously served as Environment Secretary.

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Lessons must be learnt

THE Chilcot Enquiry into the Iraq war is taking place at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre opposite the Houses of Parliament.

Globalisation brings benefits

IT was my good fortune to attend the plenary session of the World Economic Forum in Dubai this week, where I had a glimpse of how the future might unfold from the perspective of different countries.

Due respect for TA contribution

LAST month, the Government announced that the TA was to temporarily halt all training due to budget cuts.

Schools to be proud of

THERE will be much debate in a couple of weeks about what important state exams results mean when they are published, but I think we should be thinking about the pressure on students and celebrating all the hard work put in by students throughout the year, not just for the couple of days after the results are published.

Keep a watch out and help the community

CONSTITUENTS often bring their concerns about local policing to my surgery and I raise them with Carl Foulkes as local Superintendent, but I am pleased to say that recently I have received some strong commendations for the way some of our police officers have brought a personal tack to the way they make our streets safer.

A gem right here in our midst

MY heart always goes out to the parents of autistic children who come to see me in my surgeries because they face a life long battle to get the help they need to enable an autistic child to reach his or her full potential.

Teachers must be given more power over pupils

I was alarmed earlier this week when I learnt that across the country the police have been called into schools over 1,000 times in the last two years because of arson attacks.

Take care but don’t panic

FOR a long time, the Conservative health team has known it was a question not of ‘if’ but of ‘when’ there would be a pandemic outbreak of flu.

Children will have to bear the brunt of Budget

WE had the budget this week which revealed just how much of a mess the country is in.

Here to help small business

NO individual and no business seems to be immune from the recession and small businesses could be particularly hard hit.


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