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A better future

I REFER to the opinion expressed on apprenticeships in the Viewpoint “Clocks go back” (Solihull News).

I REFER to the opinion expressed on apprenticeships in the Viewpoint “Clocks go back” (Solihull News).

Apprenticeships are expanding more quickly now than at any time in living memory with the coalition Government funding an additional 75,000 adult apprentices as part of the 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review.

People may hark back to a ‘Golden Age of Apprenticeships’ but numbers of apprentices are now higher rising steadily to over 300,000 and continuing to grow every day.

The online apprenticeship service has over 8,000 vacancies available across the country at any time.

For an employers apprenticeships are an excellent return on investment, reduce turnover and recruitment costs, help increase skill levels, productivity and the employability of local people and bring young people into an ageing workforce.

For individuals, being an apprentice is being an employee, being paid a wage, receiving quality training and gaining qualifications.

For some apprentices it is the gateway to higher education with no debt! To find out more call 08000 150 600 or visit

Margaret Warren, National Apprenticeship Service


A close result

RESIDENTS of Berkswell Close and Dovecote Close you helped to raise the magnificent sum of £71.35 towards the Solihull RBL Poppy Appeal Fund. A wonderful effort for a truly worthy cause - thank you all very much.

Bill Pyatt, official poppy seller


Well said Phil

JUST a line to say I support everything Phil Kingzett has to say about ‘be positive’ regarding the Parkgate development in Shirley.

Joyce Hill, Snowford Close, Shirley


Grateful for drug

IN REPLY to a concerned patient of Yew Tree Medical Centre (Letters), your heart may go out to the lady’s family in Park Avenue, but my heart also goes out to the lady herself.

I suffer from severe depression and I was prescribed this drug some while ago. It does take a while to take effect but I persevered and I have never felt happier or relaxed as I do now. If this drug were to be discontinued then who knows how many more lives could be lost.

If you have never suffered from clinical depression then you do not understand, but thankfully doctors do.

A patient who is now happy


As good as it gets

‘THE King’s Speech’ - as good a film I have ever seen, also ‘Love and Other Drugs’ - excellent.

Ray Dyke, Leafields Road, Solihull


Silence of our MPs

PERHAPS last year’s defeated Tory candidate Maggie Throup (Letters) should be chasing the health minister to see what progress he has made to fulfil their unrealistic promises on local maternity services made before the last election rather than attacking the Council Leader for demanding a decent grant settlement for Solihull.

The present Government will not, to quote her, make Britain great again by slashing our public services at both national and local level and the cuts to education, the police and local government which this Government are forcing through will hammer the least well off in our society.

I wish the all-party Council delegation to Government ministers the best of luck as they press for a fair deal for for Solihull.

It would be nice if we got some support from our two Members of Parliament who continually criticised the grant settlement to Solihull Council from the last Government, but now it is a lot worse from the new coalition government have both been remarkably quiet in fighting for those they are supposed to represent - I wonder why?

Councillor Nick Stephens, secretary Solihull Labour Group of Councillors


In time to come

WE KEEP on being reminded that the Parkgate scheme is critical to the future of Shirley and our children will suffer if the current plans don’t get approved. This has started to worry me. I’ve had visions of my future children looking up at me with sad faces saying ‘Daddy, why didn’t you fully support the Parkgate scheme in 2011. We only have the choice of Tesco, Morrisons, Iceland, Aldi and Sainsbury’s to go shopping! We hate you Daddy!’

Simon, Shirley


Right to protest

Why on earth are the good folk of Shirley being unfairly criticised for daring to question the massive development planned for an area adjacent to the main A34?

There appears to be ample support for protesters in Knowle and Dorridge, as they fight plans for further supermarket developments on the grounds they are too invasive.

The Shirley proposals include building houses on public parkland.

How invasive is that?

Jim Dumighan, Shirley



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