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A messy start

Not a good start to 2011 when we walk down our road and see that it has been used as a ‘dog’s toilet’, and I am sure this is not the only road.

Not a good start to 2011 when we walk down our road and see that it has been used as a ‘dog’s toilet’, and I am sure this is not the only road.

This is quite unacceptable. If people will not pick up after their dogs then at least they could direct the animal into the gutter and save residents treading in the mess.

This is as bad as the people that left all their rubbish around the recycling bins by Shirley Library over Christmas. Not necessary and then Enterprise employees had to clean up after them. What shameful behaviour. Where are their principles ?

Malcolm & Ann Turner, Neville Road, Shirley


Clean it up

THE amount of dog mess in our area is disgusting. Bronte Farm Road and Moreton Road being two of the worst.

There are two schools close to these roads. There is no excuse for this, as you can buy 150 clean up bags for £1 in Solihull.

I can only think these irresponsible people walk their dogs in the dark as surely local residents would report them. Come on you know who you are - clean up!

D Bagnall, Union Road, Shirley


Truly disgusted

Well the true intentions of the Conservative Coalition are now here, for all to see - future wholesale privatisation of the NHS.

Operations for our elderly on hips and knees - not a chance - sorry but you will have to grin and bear it!

The front bench of Conservative millionaires are OK Jack! The bankers are laughing all the way to their bank, innocent poorer people are taking the rap once again

As chair of Samra and a pensioner am I disgusted? You can bet!

Josie Herbert via e-mail


A cracking sum

I am writing to thank all those who supported the Christmas card shop in Solihull Library and enabled us to reach a total greater than last year. Please support us again next year and tell your friends about us, so that we can raise even more money.

June Wallis, stand organiser


Friends united

The Friends of Solihull Hospital would like to thank Friends in Retirement Solihull for their kind donation of £229 towards our campaign to raise £87,000 to buy keyhole surgery equipment for Solihull Hospital.

We would also like to thank shoppers at Tesco Extra on the Stratford Road for helping us to raise £347.82.

Our next two fund raisers are a concert by the choir from Ruckleigh school, followed by a quiz night on February 11 and a bingo, soup and ploughman’s night on the Saturday, March 5. For tickets to either event, call Liz Steventon on 07909912525 or Bill Jones on 0121 688 1362.

Liz Steventon, honorary secretary


Heat and noise

Mr Harvey’s latest letter extolling the virtues of HS2 contains a series of what he calls “Facts” (Letters).

Yes, Treasury rules require project estimates to contain contingencies, but HS2 estimates are already nearly 18 months out of date, many items are still undefined, and no-one has sunk as much as a borehole.

Yes, rail traffic fluctuates but if you look back over 30 years, the traffic growth is just 74 per cent - less than 2 per cent a year compound. There is no substance in the Government’s claim that traffic will rise by 267 per cent in 25 years.

Yes, it’s the less-well-off who’ve made the most use of bargain fares, so why aren’t we investing in more standard class carriages and buying trains that use less energy, not three times as much?

Let’s add a fact that Mr Harvey missed: the HS2 trains would be the most powerful passenger trains ever built, with nearly 27,000 horsepower, drawing almost 1,000 Amps from the overhead line. And all that power ends up as heat and noise.

Richard Lloyd, chairman, Heart of England High Speed Railway Action Group ( )


Stop moaning

OH dear, how my heart bleeds for David Curtis who has to pay for his flu jab. (Solihull News). You say he is a retired education inspector. Does he not know the country is in a severe financial mess?

Does he not have a twinge of guilt when his pension payment clears his bank account every month without fail?

He is another public employee retiring on a guaranteed pension at the taxpayers cost.

I am self employed and have paid into a private scheme which on present forecasts will just about pay the milk bill. Be thankful for what you have and stop whingeing.

Alan Price, Olton



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