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A moral stand

I just read the article ‘Newsagent puts block on The Sun’ (Solihull News) and finished reading the article with a smile.

I just read the article ‘Newsagent puts block on The Sun’ (Solihull News) and finished reading the article with a smile.

I’ve always wondered why such newspapers have been allowed to publish ‘sensitive’ or in other words ‘offensive’ material, and when I read that the newsagent had decided to take a moral stance not to sell the newspaper to this young boy I felt that society isn’t all that bad (yet!). Children are young and impressionable and allowing them to be exposed to adult themes from a young age makes them believe that not only is it the norm but that it is perfectly acceptable to present themselves in such a manner too.

I find it surprising that the young boy’s father was ‘furious’, and the attitude taken by him ‘...not a bit of butt or boob...’ is quite flippant. He says himself ‘the kids know about that’, doesn’t that raise a question about how acceptable concepts of nudity and indecency are these days?

I don’t think the newsagent should apologise, as these days there are very few people willing to go against immoral behaviour in a world where the majority are now too afraid to say ‘that’s just plain wrong’.

Being a young mum of young children, I just want to say well done to the newsagent, and keep up the good work of trying to make this world a better place for our children.

Faiza M Mawji, via e-mail


A local hero

What a hero! At last someone in business takes a moral stand! Your article on the Balsall Common newsagent who refused to let a 11 year-old buy a copy of the Sun suggested from the father that the manager was being unreasonable and should turn a blind eye to that paper.

I disagree, and applaud the manager Mel Johal for taking this simple step to protect local young people from what is nowadays almost normalised exploitation of women’s bodies.

He’s a local hero.

Martin Blamire, Hall Green



I disagree with messrs Robert Birch and Jonathan Cox of Shirley Advance (Letters). There are plenty of people, including myself, who don’t believe that ‘Parkgate’ is the right scheme for Shirley.

The problem with this development has always been the large Asda superstore, that both Solihull Council and Shirley Advance have insisted was ‘non-negotiable’. This is because if the scheme is to be viable, a large anchor store is essential, and only a supermarket is prepared to open there. But does this make it right for Shirley?

I challenge Robert Birch and Jonathan Cox to give any example where a large superstore has opened and rejuvenated the existing shops, when the experience up and down the country is that small shops have been decimated by such stores. So why should the people of Shirley just roll over and accept ‘Parkgate’?

AF Griffiths, Stanway Road, Shirley


Fed up

IN reply to Robert Birch and Jonathan Cox, of Shirley Advance (Letters), Frankly, I am fed up with the ‘Parkgate Consortium’.

Councillors Tim Hodgson, Simon Slater and Howard Allen plus the general public have the right to object to the new planning application 2010/1260.

This is a democratic free speech country. I would appreciate you respecting this fact.

R Little, Shirley


Not listening

Criticism of the Parkgate scheme is making Robert Birch and Jonathan Cox ‘fed up’ (Letters).

Many Shirley residents also feel fed up because they just don’t listen. It is clear to all that Shirley is already over-provided with food stores but it really needs a good quality non-food store offering household goods and clothing. Perhaps Asda could offer such a service?

Failing that, what a welcome would be given to the better quality offerings from John Lewis or the Co-operative!

A Haydock, Shirley


It’s a fact

Regarding Parkgate: Everyone is entitled to their views but why do so many letters try and distort the facts. The reason the Shirley Residents Association survey was done was because we thought it was an opportunity to find out residents’ opinions. There was, and never will be any political or financial gain for us, we are just Shirley people.

Perhaps people would like to show their support for Shirley by joining the Pride in Your Town day on Sunday November 7. The Town Centre Partnership together with the park rangers, environmental champions, residents and other organisations will be having a community clean up day. We will meet at the Park entrance, Stratford Rd, at Come and join us.

Malcolm & Ann Turner

Shirley Residents Association


A desert

After reading the letter from Robert Birch and Jonathon Cox (Letters) I can understand how annoying it must be for a developer when councillors (who represent residents) don’t agree with their proposals.

I recently revisited Hay Mills where I worked in the 1980s. Asda has a superstore at one end of the Coventry Road parade where I once shopped in a traditional mix of butchers, chemists, grocers, newsagents etc. This has all changed.

The remaining shops are, I think, a sad reflection of how the area has declined. Even the ‘Adult shop’ which has sprouted here did not appear to have any customers! I found myself asking if this could be Shirley in 10 years time.

Richard Wise, Olton Rd, Shirley



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