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A serious story

Congratulations on an excellent April Fool front page story last week - Kicked Out and Angry (Solihull News) - revealing that West Midlands Police is forcing officers with over 30 years experience to take retirement as part of cost cutting measures.

Congratulations on an excellent April Fool front page story last week - Kicked Out and Angry (Solihull News) - revealing that West Midlands Police is forcing officers with over 30 years experience to take retirement as part of cost cutting measures.

It certainly had me fooled for a good while!

But then I read the assurances that this would in no way impact on front line services - it will be ‘very much business as usual’ said the police statement - and I realised that it was an elaborate joke.

I’m pretty dim, and I’m not sure how policing works, but even I know that removing numbers of experienced officers simply has to result in a reduced service to the public. So it can’t possibly be a serious story, can it?

Paul Davies via e-mail


Big fat pension

Regarding your sensational front page - Kicked out and angry - I’m angry that they have the nerve to whinge.

Some of us won’t be as lucky as them retiring on a big fat pension with a more than generous income.

If they’re so concerned with the affect their departure will have on front line policing, I have the perfect solution. Get a part time job and become a special.

So shut up and get over it. I’d rather see much more worthy, worse off people grabbing front page headlines!

JM via e-mail


Saving our village

ReGARDING Sainsbury’s in Dorridge; well done DROVS, you have finally persuaded us to get into print. Our first thoughts were to set up an organisation called DROVSOD ( Dorridge residents opposed to the virtual shutdown of Dorridge) but we then thought this would only confuse the issue further.

How many more Dorridge shops need to leave us before we all wake up to its rapid demise as a local shopping centre?

We have Dorridge Autos - in Knowle; Dorridge Music School - in Knowle; the carpet shop - in Bentley Heath; we had Dorridge Cycles -now closed; we had Dorridge Travel -now closed: to name but a few.

We do have Dorridge Butchers - still here with the help of Sainsburys. Leave it much longer and all we will be able to do is get our hair done or buy our takeaway.

True we have Tesco, but what have Tesco ever done for Dorridge? They replaced a similar food outlet and then got rid of our Post Office; and to anyone who suggests that a store the size of Knowle Tesco is what we need , may we suggest they go and try it.

May we suggest that all those people who, like us, feel that the current proposals from Sainsburys offer the basis of a good starting point for the rejuvination of our shopping centre in Dorridge, ensure their local councillors are aware of their views and make sure that they sign the petition at the Doctors Surgery in Avenue Road.

Barrie & Diane Stanton, Dorridge


Back the petition

As a pharmacist and as a patient I deeply appreciate the value of the care thousands of Dorridge residents receive from the doctors and staff at Dorridge Surgery.

To be of some assistance to this team we have a small band known as The Dorridge Surgery Patient Participation Group - the PPG. We are very keen to take advantage of the promise by Sainsburys to enlarge and refurbish Dorridge Surgery.

We were delighted with the latest proposed plan which will more than double the size of the surgery. The DROVS group, however, are being completely negative in their response and are accusing Sainsburys of not listening to Dorridge residents. Sainsburys certainly have listened.

The doctors and the PPG are very anxious for the new surgery plans to come to fruition.

To this end we have drawn up a petition to support Sainsbury’s planning application. Copies of this are in the surgery. We ask all patients to show their appreciation and support for our dedicated doctors and their team by signing this petition.

Don Eckley M.R.Pharm.S. Apsley Grove, Dorridge.


Wilting support

Why have they let the flowers die? Sainsburys site in Dorridge is sad and one wonders why Sainsburys are not behaving like good landlords and neighbours by maintaining the site for the time being.

It would have cost them little to have kept the flower beds alive and to have kept the place free of rubbish. And with evening patrols they might have avoided the mis-use of the car park which is causing distress to some shopkeepers. They have, after all, spent a lot in persuading Dorridge of their good future intentions.

So let’s believe that Sainsbury’s may have some concern and that they will look to re-planting and watering the beds, clearing up rubbish, and get some patrols going in the car park. Don’t we deserve it?

Dorridge resident.


Parking mad

Would the parents that park on Station Road near Dorridge Junior and Infant Schools at drop off and pick up times please listen to their consciences, use their common sense and stop this dangerous and selfish practice.

Every morning is a nightmare as cars parked on both sides of the road force tailbacks and chaos, and it’s the same story at around 3.30 in the afternoon.

Try leaving five minutes earlier and park in a sensible place for a short walk from the school - it won’t kill you and might prevent someone else from being seriously injured.

If an influential member of Solihull Council is reading this, would you please seriously consider extending the single yellow line and parking restrictions along Station Road so that an end can be put to this madness for once and for all.

Mrs J Sanderson via e-mail


An own goal

I should like to thank Stephen Richards for his “Faith Matters” article in the April 1 issue. His piece, illuminating as it did Christian thought on innocence and natural disasters, implying that the victims of the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami were “not innocent before God”, was truly …. special?

And authenticated with scriptural reference. I believe Mr Richards has done more to promote secularism, humanism and atheism than any number of bus adverts.

Well done . Such sympathy ,such empathy. What a wonderfully moral mind set.

M.G.Hughes via e-mail



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