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ANN Polson extols the beauty of nature (Faith Matters, October 8) but with no justification at all, concludes ‘It all speaks of God - a creator!’

ANN Polson extols the beauty of nature (Faith Matters, October 8) but with no justification at all, concludes ‘It all speaks of God - a creator!’

Presumably this creator is also responsible for the less savoury aspects of our existence too. The flies, lice, fleas, parasites and disease; the hurricane, earthquake, floods etc which bring untold misery, death and destruction to billions of plants and animals (including man). And who or what created this creator? Another creator?

She goes on that this creator loves us all. Presumably this includes Mao, Hitler and Stalin, psychopathic mass murderers like Al Quaeda and the IRA, as well as odious child killers like Brady and Hindley.

Thomas Jefferson wrote that priests dread the advance of science as witches do the approach of daylight.

Of course we should admire the beauties of nature but we should also admit Stephen Hawking’s outstanding achievement in providing a rational explanation of the origin of the universe without recourse to some arbitrary creator. Glory to science, our trusty guide to the truth!

J R Nurcombe

Marcliff Crescent, Shirley


A distraction

REGARDING “Faith Matters” (October 8 “Glory to God the creator”), I am disappointed in the banality of the thoughts of Ann Polson from Solihull Methodist Church.

For her to say “I hardly ever think about how the world was started” indicates a lack of curiosity which is disturbing, given that some people make important decisions about their lives based on what people in positions of religious authority say.

Then she talks the usual nonsense about how the wonderful beauty of our world and universe proclaims God’s glory. I’m sorry, but in that case you also have to give God credit for all the awful and apparently unnecessary things in nature: Alzheimer’s, cancer, locusts, infant death, meningitis, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, necrotising fasciitis, death in childbirth, malaria, scorpions, wasps, rats, to name but a few.

As Richard Dawkins said, the sum total of (unnecessary) suffering on this planet is beyond our comprehension. And thankfully Stephen Hawking is right: we don’t need God to explain any of this, the good or the bad, it’s just nature and evolution doing its stuff. God is unnecessary, highly improbable, and the concept is a distraction.

Anthony Howe

Welford Road, Shirley


Getting agitated

SAMRA must be doing something right when we see the past Conservative leader of Solihull Council, Councillor Meeson, getting himself all worked up over its existence (Letters).

As chair of Samra I can tell him of my involvement. It is to try to establish non-party local representation within Solihull Council and in Parliament and setting up a voice for local people in Solihull and Meriden.

Josie Herbert Chair Samra


Principles please

every Lib/Dem mp signed a pledge to universities that they would not support rises in fees, Nick Clegg wouldn’t be an mp if it wasnt for the university vote, so now the students can see for themselves signed pledges from Lib/Dems mean nothing, and now you are going to pay the price for their cowardly grasp of power.

ST Vaughan, Glastonbury Road


Yardley Wood

HAVE Solihull Council lost the plot? Replacement sacks for the perishable white plastics recycling bags are beginning to appear -of half capacity, same material, but now labeled ‘Keep out of direct sunlight’ HOW?

The replacement recycling calendars have finally been issued two months late and omitting the useful information of ‘Black weeks = glass collection, green weeks = paper’. (Yes the info. is buried inside the 12 page booklet- But I’m not at my brightest at 7am.) The original single page calendar worked well. Why re-invent?

Importantly however are the newly extended limitations on what is allowed to be recycled - only that of high value to the collecting contractors. Over half of household plastics are refused - so back to landfill and incineration generating toxic fumes.

Jim Bumstead via e-mail.


Flying high

Solihull branch of the Royal Air Forces Association would like to thank members for their support for another entertaining evening by the Royal Air Forces Association Concert Band on September 18 to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The vening raised £1,556.towards the Wings Appeal.

Margaret Harris, Solihull RAF Association Branch.



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