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Adult puppet musical arrives in the Midlands this month

RUDE, crude but very funny, award-winning puppet musical Avenue Q comes to Coventry this month.

RUDE, crude but very funny, award-winning puppet musical Avenue Q comes to Coventry this month.

In outer New York, far away from the affluent avenues A and B, we find the inhabitants of Avenue Q.

From the Bad Idea Bears and porn obsessed Trekkie Monster, to kindergarten teacher Kate Monster and roommates Nicky and uptight investment banker Rod, everyone on Avenue Q is making their way in a world which doesn’t always have a happy ending.

The Solihull News went to meet new street resident and college graduate Princeton.

“I thought I’d be made after college, but things aren’t quite working out like I thought,” said Princeton. “I started at Avenue A but it was too expensive, so I made my way down to B then C and eventually ended up here.

“But I’ve made lots of friends. I’ve made friends with one person in particular, Kate Monster but, you know, we’re just hanging out..

“I heard the best way to make it with a girl is make her a mixed tape, and buy her loads of wine. That’s what my friends, the Bad Ideas Bears told me. Get a few daiquiris down her and she’ll do anything!

“I also get on really well with Lucy, if you know what I mean. She’s got really big... hair, and huge, beautiful...eyes. I’ve been hanging out with her a lot as well.

“But Kate, for some reason, doesn’t like Lucy. I can’t think why...”

Princeton’s straight-laced neighbour Rod, whose favourite book is the Greatest Musicals of All Time, lives with slacker Nicky. The pair seem very close...

“I’m an investment banker,” said Rod. “It’s not really a popular job, it’s got a bit of a bad rep. But I was nothing to do with the crash, that was actually someone upstairs. He got in quite a bit of trouble for that.

“I could afford a bigger place, I’ve got the job, but I was very good friends with my college roommate Nicky.

“It’s a great friendship but there’s definitely nothing more there, no, absolutely nothing at all.

“I have lots of friends though. Lots of girl friends like Kate Monster, we like to hang out. And lots of boyfriends too. No, I mean, not boyfriends, definitely not boyfriends.”

The sell-out Broadway and West End musical, which includes songs such as Everybody’s a Little Bit Racist and It Sucks to Be Me, is at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry from May 28-June 2.

Tickets are available on line from



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