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An insult

WITH regard to the two letters from year 13 students at Solihull College, I am one of the unfortunate parents who has to run the gauntlet each afternoon through Malvern Park.

WITH regard to the two letters from year 13 students at Solihull College, I am one of the unfortunate parents who has to run the gauntlet each afternoon through Malvern Park.

Perhaps these youngsters are in a parallel universe because to state that “I rarely see groups of more than four”, is not only ridiculous but insulting to the local Solihull people who see this spectacle every day.

At about 3.40pm each day at least 100 or more students pile out of the bottom gate of the college (a move by the college itself to ease congestion!) not to mention the numerous others who clog up the road and the pavements leading onto and on Widney Manor Lane.

Perhaps the students who have written would like to attempt the walk in the opposite direction against the flow of traffic as we have to. To make this more realistic a couple of tired under sevens and a double buggy may help their comprehension of the situation.

I myself have been subject to the racist/sexist comments and when I requested that the youngsters watched their language in front of my six-year-old I was then verbally abused all the way to the school. I would like to invite the Solihull News photographer to the park at this time, namely between 3.35pm and 3.50pm, any day during the week and they can then obtain evidence of which camp is being realistic in their claims.

Fed up parent of primary school children


Keep it open

I HAVE just read with dismay the letter from Don Bargery regarding the closures at our hospital in Solihull.

I had the misfortune to be very seriously ill last December and owe my life to the excellent care I received in the High Dependency Unit there over Christmas.

How can the ‘bosses’ justify closing wards and losing such dedicated staff. We need these wards and doctors and nurses in Solihull, not miles away in Heartlands.

RG Barnard, Buckbury Croft, Shirley


BID call

OPEN letter to Sue Yates, Chair of Solihull BID

Dear Ms Yates, regarding The Honey Club, the great and good of Solihull businesses appear to sit on the Board of Solihull Business Improvement District (BID), including the chair of the NEC Group and the managing director of House of Fraser. Your board also appears to include the not so great and good of Solihull business - I refer to Mr Richard Mackay, owner of the Honey Club.

You will no doubt be aware of the tremendous strength of feeling against the the Honey Club, a disgraceful establishment which will do great harm to the character and reputation of an area that you apparently seek to see prosper.

Local MPs, councillors and many other people have voiced their opposition to this seedy establishment. Yet, despite all this, Mr Mackay wishes to proceed regardless. Can I ask what the stance of Solihull BID is in relation to the Honey Club, and whether you and your fellow members feel that Mr Mackay is a fit and proper person to be sitting on your board.

Mr T Smith, a disgusted Solihull resident


Not our fault

I CAN assure readers that the application for the lap dancing club licence was not reported to Solihull’s Licensing Committee, any elected councillors or the Chief Executive and I have asked for a full explanation as to how this could have happened.

Regrettably this is as a result of the government removing the powers for local councils to control the setting up of such establishments and denying local people a say in whether they are appropriate in their area.

Following protests and representations by the Local Government Association the then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith agreed that this was wrong and announced over a year ago that legislation would be introduced to restore the right to make local decisions.

To date the government has failed to enact this, so in line with the Notice of Motion I presented to council, we are pressing the government to honour its commitment.

Ken Meeson, Leader of Solihull Council


A brothel

HOW on earth did this happen? All of a sudden, a fortnight before it opens, Richard McKay announces his lap dancing club opens. Aren’t they supposed to inform the local people when they apply for planning permission?

How have they done it? Surely it can’t be legal. But if it is I hope there is someone with enough clout in Solihull to get it stopped. It doesn’t matter how you dress it up, the truth is this club is part of the sex trade. As for the patrons being business men they are anything but, they are dirty old men or worse.

Obviously it will be licensed so there will be the usual problems of cleaning up after them.

The gentlemen’s club is just a posh name for a brothel. As for bringing money to the centre of Solihull I should think it will keep local people away.

Peter, Shirley



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