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IN response to your reader’s comments about Ward 10 at Solihull Hospital I think that it is very important to make it clear that the mental health services at the hospital are not run by the hospital they are run by Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust, which is a separate organisation.

IN response to your reader’s comments about Ward 10 at Solihull Hospital I think that it is very important to make it clear that the mental health services at the hospital are not run by the hospital they are run by Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust, which is a separate organisation.

The hospital is not closing this service, the decision was made by the Mental Health Trust to provide these services in a facility which meets the needs of these patients.

This additional space at the hospital will provide us with an opportunity to expand our services. We can also confirm that we are not making any non medical staff redundant.

I would encourage any readers who want to share their experiences of any of our hospitals to contact us as we are always keen to hear from you and see how we can further improve the quality of care that we provide.

Claire Molloy, managing director of Solihull Healthcare, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust


Gone potty

I HAVE received the latest info brochure about recycling plastic to start end of September.

Page 3 tells me I can now put food tubs and yogurt pots as well as the plastic bottles in my white sack but not plastic flower pots. I contacted Solihull Council who told me this was correct because it was a different plastic. I was to put it in the black bin.

Nearly all plastic products now have a resin ID pressed into the plastic. This is a triangle of arrows with a number 1>7 pressed into the plastic to assist recycling identification.

Plastic flower pots are made of resin 2 (plastic bottles as well), or resin 5 (food and yogurt tubs) so are fully recyclable.

Compliments to the council for their efforts to increase recycling but if you’re going to do something get it right first time.

Robert Cooper, Atherstone Close, Solihull


Make it worth it

CAROLINE Spelman writes (Solihull News) about the relationship between illiteracy and crime, but fails to consider the causes of illiteracy.

Very few children have an IQ so low that they cannot learn to read – yet many living in areas of high unemployment drop out of secondary school because they see no point in continuing to attend.

The cultural advantages of literacy are evident but those ‘dropping out’ have no incentive to acquire skills for which they see no end-use.

Journalist Deborah Orr has a message for successive governments, which to date have done little to encourage a significant level of job creation:

“It is simply practical to organise society so that everyone feels that they can attain some kind of stake in it and achieve some sense of responsible agency, however modest.”

If the Green New Deal were implemented with employment creation (a social good) alongside carbon reduction (an environmental good) the country would be happier and healthier.

B Panvel, Shirley


Blame game

FOR someone with more reincarnations than Dr Who, Howard Allen shows breathtaking audacity in his attempt to rewrite history and distance himself from the lack of investment in Shirley (Letters September 2).

Considering that he spent many years under varying political colours trying to frustrate the regeneration programme, he must bear much of the blame for both the decline in shopping facilities and the financial penalties incurred by council tax payers following the independent inspector’s criticism of the foolish refusal of the revised Parkgate scheme.

What makes his latest remarks even less credible is that he does not even live in Solihull and showed such little loyalty to Shirley that he applied for election in Worcestershire only months ago. Incredibly, having left the council’s Liberal Democrat Group he cynically stood for that party in Alvechurch, but having been firmly rejected by voters has decamped to yet another political affiliation.

If it had not been for Howard’s constant challenges then perhaps those new shops he mentions would a ready have been provided and those traders who lost patience and departed might still be there.

Ken Meeson, Leader of Council


First class

WE hear so many stories of the way patients are treated by their surgeries, I would like to sing the praises of Grove Road Surgery in Solihull.

When ringing for an appointment, the receptionists try their best to fit you in as soon as possible. The surgery itself is bright and clean and the care from all of the doctors is first class.

No-one wants to feel under the weather but, having a surgery like ours, helps enormously. So, thank you Grove Surgery .

Jill Campbell, Links Drive, Solihull


Wake up DDRA

I’VE just read Dorridge and District Residents Association’s (DDRA) ‘formal response’ to Sainsbury’s plan for Dorridge on their website; their position gets more ridiculous by the day.

Whilst they formally support this over-sized development, they say that they have concerns especially about parking provision and noise from early morning deliveries. Their solution? To “urge Sainsbury’s and SMBC to work to resolve this before the scheme is granted approval.” As if!

The car park is on the roof of the store, so there’s no way to add spaces unless you make the store even bigger. Surely the solution is to reduce the size of the store, attracting less traffic and making room for staff, shoppers and surgery patients to park?

It’s hard to believe that in 2006 DDRA opposed an extension to the airport as it would “create noise over Dorridge”, yet today they are in favour of a hugely disruptive town-centre sized supermarket here. Wake up DDRA – we all want to see the site developed, but the best way to secure improvements to the current plans is to write and object to them.

M Walker, Dorridge


Clarion call

THIS is a clarion call to everybody who thinks Sainsbury’s proposal is “just too big” for Dorridge to write to the Council to say just that. Your letter will make a difference.

This is not a matter of prejudice against Sainsbury’s - it’s just common sense.

Write to Solihull MBC Planning Services, PO Box 11652, Solihull B91 9YA or email quoting Planning Application 2011/1107.

Michael Harper, via e-mail


Left gas-ping

I HAVE an elderly partially blind relative who after having central heating installed seven years ago now has a maintenance contract with British Gas as they installed it. In May this year, after the boiler service which is part of this contract, she was told a bracket was needed on the main central heating pipe, of about four foot in length.

She questioned why this was needed now after they installed the heating and are maintaining it but was told it needed to be done. This work was carried out by British Gas and the bill was £79.99 to fit a flue bracket.

Is it me or do you think this was rather expensive for four drill holes and a bracket?

J G via e-mail


In crisis

it comes as little surprise to see that there is a housing crisis looming. After all isn’t this part of the Tory master plan, to put housing back in the portfolios of the rich? Wasn’t this how they controlled their workers by tied housing, and isn’t this where we are going now, cheap housing at extortionate rents?

ST Vaughan, Glastonbury Rd, Yardley Wood


Needy people

REFERENCE C P Young’s letter (Solihull News September 2), disabled persons do not “have a vehicle awarded to them”. Those most severely disabled and thus in receipt of the higher rate of the Disability Living Allowance mobility component can opt to lease a motor vehicle, via a dedicated Motability Finance Agency, in lieu of receiving all or part of benefit granted.

The lease is for a three year period, payments made include servicing and insurance costs and there are strict requirements to keep the vehicle in good condition throughout the lease term.

I assume that exemption from paying for the road fund licence is a government concession to assist a perceived needy section of society.

Malcolm Lamb via e-mail.



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