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Be thankful

Being a resident of Solihull and a regular reader of the Solihull News I feel that some local residents should take a reality check on the news items that appear to be so upsetting to local people.

Being a resident of Solihull and a regular reader of the Solihull News I feel that some local residents should take a reality check on the news items that appear to be so upsetting to local people.

I am referring to the headlines ‘Garden Grab, battle lost’, ‘Fighting to keep the trees in Shirley Park’ and ‘Villagers concerned over new homes for Solihull’.

Just consider for a moment how fortunate we all are. We can turn on our taps and get fresh water, we can walk into local shops 24 hours a day and purchase an array of goods, and we have riches beyond compare.

Consider the ‘real’ news: 17 million people in Pakistan affected by flooding. Many have died already, more deaths will follow.

33 miners trapped half a mile below ground in Chile. Imagine for a moment the emotional turmoil of existing half a mile below ground not just for days, but for weeks and months.

Can I ask that the residents of Solihull who appear to get upset over some minor issues consider for a moment these two issues mentioned and remember how fortunate we are?

It really does put into perspective houses being built in someone’s back garden and the loss of a few trees – let us be thankful for what we do have.

Michele Pym, Chamberlain Crescent, Shirley


A real celebrity

In response to the article on so called celebrities switching on the Christsmas Lights (Solihull News). May I request that my hard earned cash paid to Solihull Borough Council is not used to pay fees for individuals classed as ‘celebrities’ for agreeing to appear and switch on the lights.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea if local ‘celebrities’ were asked to perform the task, such as a nurse working in our hospital, a fireman, or one of the many local serviceman who live in the borough. What about a local carer or charity worker, much more worthy of the ‘celebrity’ tag in my opinion. They really do deserve the limelight.

Sue Adams, Shirley


A real credit

I recently spent a week in Ward 15 at Solihull hospital having a hip replacement. The staff on the ward are a credit to their profession, each member was so enthusiastic and dedicated making my stay a comfortable one in view of the operation I had. May I also add a big ‘thank you’ to the wonderful team of district nurses now attending - your visits are appreciated.

Ron Bradley, Olton


Milk thief

I WOULD like to thank the person or persons who over the last week have gone around the Hobs Moat estate stealing milk deliveries from our doorsteps. Firstly, I hope your fingers drop off and secondly as you drink our milk, I hope you choke. Buy your own.

A Thirsty Reader

Name and address supplied


A lovely time

WE WOULD like to thank all the Solihull Rotary Club especially Mr R Pratt for organising a great holiday to Blackpool.

The entertainment and hospitality of the Blackpool hoteliers was fantastic and really made the holiday. Many thanks for all your hard work.

Mr A Brierley, Mr J Oulaghan and friends


Sorry decline

HAVING lived in Dorridge for 14 years I am saddened to see the decline of the village in recent times.

Indeed Dorridge is no longer the village that my wife and I chose to live in when we retired. Gone are important aspects of village life, the Post Office, the toilets, most of the shops in the precinct, soon the travel agents and now we learn the bank.

All these have or are disappearing without a whimper from the guardians of village interests the Dorridge and District Residents Association and much of the public. Perhaps the station will be next on the list.

Commercial interests appear to be taking over. The biggest culprit of late is Sainsbury’s who sought to build a store that was not in keeping with the nature or needs of the village.

Their proposals have driven away what had become a limited range of shops and they contribute thus to the bank deciding that there is insufficient ‘footfall’ to keep it open.

Perhaps the DDRA and DROV can take up the challenge and face the real issues relating to Dorridge.

Failure will surely lead to residents transferring to institutions in Knowle and elsewhere resulting in a demand for more car parking in Knowle rather than a Waitrose.

M Overend, Bramshall Drive, Dorridge



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