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Beginning of the end

THIS is the beginning of the end for Solihull Hospital.

THIS is the beginning of the end for Solihull Hospital.

The outrageous decision by the Heart of England Foundation Trust to introduce the downgrading of maternity services at the site before the promised consultation makes an already paper exercise a fait accompli.

Of course they can always wave the spectre of dead babies in our faces and say they want to make the service as safe as possible.

No one wants to see dead babies, but if that was the case, Heart of England would not be sending some 2,000 plus expectant mums to hospitals dotted around the West Midlands, from Redditch to Warwick to Good Hope and beyond when they could be giving birth in Solihull, population 200,000, on their doorstep.

The bottom line here is cost and empire building by the obstetrics department at Heartlands. Covering Solihull is inconvenient and costly, far better to route pregnant mums through Heartlands.

This is daylight robbery of Solihull health services.

Stand up, and make your views known.



Cathrina Hulse
Multimedia Journalist
Annette Belcher
Multimedia Journalist
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