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Benefits plan cuts deep

The Government is proposing to remove vital benefits to disabled people living in state-funded residential care which will have a devastating impact on their lives.

The Government is proposing to remove vital benefits to disabled people living in state-funded residential care which will have a devastating impact on their lives.

Stopping payments for the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA), soon to become Personal Independence Payment, would leave 80,000 disabled people without funds to meet extra transport costs such as maintaining an electric wheelchair or leasing an adapted car. This could strip them of their independence, leaving them trapped at home.

Following campaigning from disabled people and disability organisations the Government has delayed the date the cut could come into force until March 2013 and agreed to look again at the proposal – however the campaign is not over yet.

The Government must continue to provide the essential support that disabled people living in residential care need to meet the extra costs of getting around. It is also important that MPs vote in Parliament to protect mobility payments for people living in residential care. We urge people to join our campaign by visiting

Guy Parckar, Acting Director of Policy and Campaigns, Leonard Cheshire Disability


Out of this world

Re last week’s letter, ‘It’s all connected’, what on earth was Caroline Knight on? Not this one that’s for sure! was she giving us a science lesson, or an archaeological one, or had she been out picking mushrooms,

I know she was looking into her crystal ball, from the way it was written it sounded as if she had swallowed a dictionary. It was void of scriptural content, and it had no story - whatever.

Regarding this week’s Faith Matters by the Baha’’is; yes if we go back 150 years progress has been outstanding in fact we have progressed so far, so fast that we are now heading for a world wide financial crisis.

Two thirds of the world is in chaos, with wars, terrorist attacks, crime is on the increase. Queen Victoria is gone along with our manners, morals, respect, discipline.

The first book of the Bible tells us that God created a perfect world, then he created man in his own image and saw that it was good. God also gave man a will of his own, but man was disobedient towards God and so we are seperated from God, and until we get back to God we will keep making a mess of things.

P Thomas, Baxters rd, Shirley


Still time to repent

We all need God’s mercy. Blessed Pope John Paul II instituted the feast of Divine Mercy because, being a man close to God, he understood how far mankind had lapsed into very grave sin and the terrible consequences of coming under God’s judgement in that state.

Those hardened in sin are far less likely to repent when they are dying, but it is still possible.

Almighty God does not need P. Thomas at His elbow telling Him that he thinks He ought to send Bin Laden to hell.

It seems to me that it is P Thomas who is the one leaning on his own understanding. We can only hope that a soul Christ died for did repent and ask for mercy and salvation.

The Catholic doctrine of purgatory states that those whose souls are still tainted with sin when they die, but not so much that they are worthy of hell from which there is no deliverance throughout eternity, can be prayed for to alleviate, and expedite their deliverance from, the suffering of their cleansing from sin.

Margaret Sealey via e-mail


Thank you

Can I take this opportunity of thanking the residents of the Shirley West Ward for their support on the May 5 and electing me to represent them for the next four years.

I am acutely aware of the responsibility they have given me in this election. I do not intend to let anyone down. I will work hard for everyone in Shirley West whatever their political persuasion. Can I take this opportunity of warmly congratulating all the other candidates who fought a tough but always fair and clean contest. I wish them success in the future.

Hannah Tildesley, Welcombe Grove, Solihull



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