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What a catastrophe it would be should H L Owen close?

What a catastrophe it would be should H L Owen close? It is without doubt the best ironmongers in the Midlands.

If they haven’t got what you require in stock, or they can’t obtain it, then whatever you wanted possibly hasn’t even been made. I’ve always used H L Owen and wouldn’t even dream of going anywhere else. I’ve recommend the shop to many others, including the Which? Magazine for being the best local trader.

Allan Jones, Whatcote Green, Solihull


Long problem

READING the article regarding Owens the Ironmongers, may have to close due to rates etc it will be a sad day indeed if they are forced to do so as they are one of the finest ironmongers in the Midlands.

Recently we went to B & Q for a piece of beading, now in 9ft lengths, asking if they would kindly cut same to get in into the car. Answer .... ‘sorry, but due to health and safety, not allowed’, but you could buy a saw and do it yourselves!

How’s that for service?

M Chapman, Bryanston Road, Solihull


Book chat

I would like to ask who actually controls the behaviour of the students in Solihull Library? For the last two days I have been to the library to study for my finals. On both occasions I have had to leave early as I could not concentrate due to the disturbance of A Level students. Why they go there other than to the socialise I don’t know! Confirms the theories that students don’t have to work hard anymore to earn high grades.

Don Mills, Alderminster Road, Solihull


Loving care

We only seem to hear about problems with the NHS here is something more positive.

My Mum had cancer of the oesophagus. Just before the Easter holidays she was taken poorly and ended up on ward 19 in Solihull Hospital.

Well I and my family could not have asked for better care, from the nurses, doctors and all the other staff who work on this ward, They not only looked after Mum but all of the family too. Mum was in hospital for six weeks and died peacefully with us around her on May 16.

She did have the chance to go home but decided not to, because of the total care and commitment of this team who made her feel safe. Thank you ward 19 from the family of Veronica Griffiths (Ron).

Julie Thatcher


Life changing

Clive - who wants 60’s dances in Solihull could do worse than try us: “Friends in Retirement, Solihull” (FIRS). We run seven dances each week - and that’s only the central Solihull branch. Each will cost only £1, the tea and biscuits are cheap, and the company’s good.

Visit the website:, or give me a call on 0121 705 1285. You could be amazed what a change we can bring to your life.

Jim Bumstead, FIRS Solihull


Dance our way

Please could you give Clive, Solihull, the details of our dance, which we hold every Thursday afternoon between 1pm till 4pm at The Shirley Community Centre, Stratford Road, Shirley, next to Burger King, it is Thursday Afternoon Tea Dance and we do ballroom and sequence dancing, we are a friendly crowd, over 60 years young, members and non members are very welcome, if Clive needs more details he can call me on 0121 240 37812

Fred Moss via e-mail


Step out

RE: letter from Clive, Solihull, about over 60s ballroom dance groups. There is an organisation: National Federation of Solo Clubs. A club is held at The Shirley Community Centre, Stratford Road, Shirley each Monday night.

We do ballroom, sequence, line dancing etc. If you are on your own call Paul on 0121 773 8553 or Marjorie on 0121 603 5329. New members welcome.

Marjorie, Shirley


Give credit

I wish to expose the myth that the regeneration of our northern wards were in anyway a product of the Labour Government.

The facts are that this is a home grown initiative brought into existence by a Conservative administration in 2005 with all party support. Unlike Castle Vale and its regeneration programme there were no taxpayers millions to fund our community improvements. It was the Council of the day that came up with the answer.

Selling land assets to re-invest into the project was of the day ground breaking and successful. Certainly the banking crisis hasn’t helped. But whereas regeneration projects elsewhere have ground to a halt ours continues albeit at a reduced pace. Much as it may have pained Labour ministers they all wanted to be associated with this Conservative Council’s success.

Mike Robinson

Councillor Solihull MBC



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