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Big hearted

I HAVE just received a letter from the British Heart Foundation.

I HAVE just received a letter from the British Heart Foundation. They told me it was “extremely rare” for them to have received such a package as I recently sent them. But then they don’t appreciate the rarity of the person whose memory inspired so many people.

My beloved husband, Ron Theay, died suddenly on May 2. He was only 65, and a young 65 at that. We had led a very active and a very happy and fulfilled life. I am so lucky to be able to say that I have no regrets about our brilliant marriage and life together. The only regret is a selfish one...that it ended, and so suddenly.

Ron is very well known in the borough, having taught in the north and south of it for many years. His early heart attack in 1993 did not encourage apathy or self pity, he just got better, took advice from his sonsultants and continued to live a full and active life.

When he had a stent fitted four years ago we were given the optimistic news that there was ‘always something that can be done’. However, we both always believed that your family genes and your measure of luck both play a part in life’s rich pattern, however much in control you may feel.

Ron took part in clinical trials for years and was keen to ensure research continued. That is why he would be so delighted at the ‘extremely rare’ legacy left in his name to the British Heart Foundation.

That is why I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all our dear friends, relatives and neighbours whose joint contributions of over £500 will be put to good use by the British Heart Foundation’s research departments. A big-hearted gesture for a big-hearted man.

Jenny Theay, Shirley



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