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WHO is the bright spark who came up with the new recycling service?

WHO is the bright spark who came up with the new recycling service?

Perhaps they would like to respond to this: If we now have to put our aluminium food trays, metal caps from jars, cans, drink cans etc etc in the ‘white plastic sack’ along with all the other additional plastic containers etc we are now told can be added - why in God’s name has the council wasted money bringing out new white sacks which are half the size of the original larger ones - when clearly they won’t be big enough to take all the new waste?

Why, if the ‘black box’ is only going to be accepting glass, provision could not have been made to utilise this box more efficiently and enviromentally by adding ‘spent batteries’?

What’s with changing ‘white sack’ collection to fortnightly instead of leaving it as weekly when a) it’s going to be taking more and more items and b) there is little chance of getting more into less space?

Forget about the saying : “no room at the inn” - black wheelie bins are again destined to become the place for any excess recycled items based on the following observation “more room in the bin”.

Mrs John, Shirley


We remember

MY immediate reaction to your front page article and picture of Mrs Spelman and the comment ‘We will not stand for this in Britain’ was to laugh outright.

I don’t remember such a reaction when the MPs fiddled their expenses and claimed for ficticious staff, events that none of us have forgotten.

R Batchelor, Highwood Avenue, Solihull


New methods

LONDON’S violence shows that time’s up for the old ideas and we need to change the prescription.

David Cameron said parts of the country weren’t just broken, they were sick. And he is right. So we need to rethink attitudes. He also said ‘look again at things like family life and discipline in schools.’

Well, no we don’t. You do. Parents have known for years that discipline in schools is a crock and curse and running sore. It’s the politicians, here, there and everywhere who need to look at discipline in schools and much, much more besides.

Speak to pensioners, they will give you some answers.

Roland Green, Priory Road, Shirley


Cash thanks

ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Shirley for their generosity in raising £255.29 at the street collection on Saturday, August 20. The money will help fund our peaceful campaigns and our important educational work on animal cruelty.

For more information on Animal Aid call 01732 364546.

Y Troth, Animal Aid collection co-ordinator


Off the rails

IT’S a disaster that a gigantic contract for several hundred Thames Link carriages, may be awarded to German-based Siemens, instead of Derby-based Bombardier; unless this weak coalition takes urgent action promises for the future by Transport Minister Philip Hammond are like shutting the gate after horses have bolted.

Tory excuses that criteria for terms of the bid were too narrow for Bombardier to succeed will not wash, as the same rules are meant to apply to all Europe.

Certainly Britain would not have been given contracts for German, French, Italian or Spanish rolling stock, as they always find a way of protecting their national interests.

1,200 UK skilled workers are being thrown on the scrap heap, whilst Derby will become yet another deprived area, adversely affecting everyone for many years. If this was happening in Solihull we would be equally angry.

Efficient Bombardier may now sink through lack of orders.

The danger is that there may no longer be a UK bidder for the intended HS2. Then Europe will again fill vacuum. What a let down for Britain by weak indecisive Cameron.

Don Bargery, Alston Road, Solihull


A farewell

ON August 21, a lovely sunny afternoon, a few stalwart supporters of Shirley Residents Association gathered at the “Ring of Oaks” in Shirley Park for a picnic.

This was our farewell to the trees before work commences on Parkgate. We all wondered why we hadn’t done this before as it was a wonderfully peaceful setting.

We dined on pork pies, sandwiches and home made cakes, all washed down with our own favourite tipples.

We had a most enjoyable afternoon with great company and thanks to everyone who came.

We did the trees proud, and have a lasting memory of them from the photographs we took on the day.

Malcolm & Ann Turner SRA



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