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Blame game

Summer heat and old age are probably responsible for my inability to unravel the tortured logic of Ms Burt’s offering in last week’s Solihull News, ‘Be Careful Where You Lay the Blame’.

Summer heat and old age are probably responsible for my inability to unravel the tortured logic of Ms Burt’s offering in last week’s Solihull News, ‘Be Careful Where You Lay the Blame’.

But I’ve read her piece several times and still can’t understand the link she tries to make between MPs, bankers and phone hacking, the need she says we have for a ‘lowest bottom rung’ to hate and to blame for whatever ills pervade our society’, and the reminder that ‘we’re none of us perfect’.

Dodgy expenses claims made by some MPs, a huge financial crisis visited on us by unscrupulous and greedy bankers and a media empire exerting enormous influence by very dubious means….. these are not ‘lowest bottom rung’ matters.

I suspect that what this article is really about is the growing unease Ms Burt feels at the Liberal Democrats’ electoral vulnerability. She doesn’t want us to blame her for the fact that the Liberal Democrats are enabling the Tories to dismantle our Health Service, Education Service, Welfare State and Social Services.

We don’t have to be perfect, Ms Burt, before we speak out to defend our precious culture when we see it being systematically ruined by a coalition government made possible by sanctimonious and conniving Liberal Democrats.

David Curtis, Silhill Hall Road, Solihull


Of little benefit

I had to permit myself a wry smile when reading last week’s letter from ‘Solihull Rail User’ in which he/she accuses me of ‘hysteria’ and ‘misinformation’ in my recent letter regarding HS2 - ‘kettle calling the pot black’ springs to mind!

Point one; yes, there will be a few hundred operational jobs for locals if and when it ever gets built, but nowhere near the ‘thousands’ he and other HS2 sycophants keep rattling on about.

Point two, does Mr Rail User seriously believe that HS2 Ltd will ever spend some £20m on building the ‘proposed’ Bickenhill Interchange Station when Birmingham City centre is less than five miles away?

I’d suggest a more realistic scenario; the HS2 Bickenhill interchange will be quietly dropped from the job sheet, the line will bypass Solihull altogether and the Y-link to Curzon Street will go ahead, once more proving the point that Birmingham gets what Birmingham wants - and yes, those fortunate enough to afford a ticket on HS2 will have to travel to Birmingham to get on the train.

I find it somewhat sad that people like Mr Rail User still attempt to push the so-called benefits of HS2 - against the obvious and real shortcomings that I’ve tried to put across; history has shown us that bigger and faster isn’t necessarily better or sustainable in the long term.

John Bramham, Elmdon


Turn it down

In response to BigFox Metal Recycling (Letters). There is no denying that the legitimate metal collectors are providing a free service which I am sure many residents make good use of but the problem is the unnecessary noise that comes with it.

The loud horns and shouting often over a loudspeaker is most unnecessary and a huge nuisance to many but most of all to young babies having naps and night shift workers who should be able to sleep soundly in their own home without being disturbed by such a racket!

Name and address supplied


Elmdon cheer

I would like to thank everyone who came along to the Elmdon Park Fun Day last Saturday and made it such a huge success.

We were overwhelmed by all the generous offers of help we received in the run up to the event and the amount of support we got on the day. Hopefully it has helped to let everyone know what a fantastic park Elmdon is.

The fun dog show in aid of Dogwatch UK raised an incredible £850 which will be used to help more dogs in need of loving homes and fantastically one of their dogs was offered a home on the day. For details of more events in Elmdon Park, see

Sarah Annison, Chairman Elmdon Park Support Group



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