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Boxed in

I ATTEMPTED to recycle cardboard boxes at Tudor Grange Park on Sunday, January 11, only to find that all the containers were completely full and the surrounding area was covered with boxes.

I ATTEMPTED to recycle cardboard boxes at Tudor Grange Park on Sunday, January 11, only to find that all the containers were completely full and the surrounding area was covered with boxes.

How difficult is it for this site to be managed properly - obviously too difficult for our incompetent council. This problem is regularly highlighted in letters and we are continually told the problem is being addressed and improvements made. Not enough judging from my last visit. By the way, rather than add to the dump I took my cardboard home.

John Ramsey, via e-mail


Mobile maniac

I AM becoming more and more concerned about the number of drivers using mobile phones while driving and showing scant consideration for pedestrians/other road users.

On Saturday, December 10 we were walking up Haslucks Green Road with five of my daughter’s friends on our way to a local pantomime.

A car suddenly reversed out of a driveway with music blaring and the driver chatting away on her mobile. She couldn’t have cared less what havoc she could have caused.

My husband asked her to look where she was going, only to be sworn at aggressively, all in full view of young children.

She then reversed with speed onto Haslucks Green Road, all the while chatting on her mobile. How could someone actually drive safely in this manner?

J Brown, Shirley


Facts of life

AS a customer of the Swan Filling Station for over 40 years, I was interested to read Trevor Rumney’s letter about it (Jan 9) but I think that the problem with his father’s company credit card may have simply been a computer glitch.

The reason why customers are sometimes asked to pay cash in advance, or leave a credit card, before a pump is turned on is because it is easy for dishonest drivers to fill up with fuel and drive straight out onto the A45 dual carriageway without paying for it at quiet times. This is a sad fact of life!

PT Gaskin, Elmcroft Road, South Yardley


Right move

I WOULD like to express my wholehearted support for the planning application proposing the construction of new homes on the Bees ground in Sharmans Cross Road and the much needed improvement of local sporting facilities which would be provided by the modernisation and refurbishment of the existing facilities at Damson Parkway, at the home of Solihull Moors Football Club.

Birmingham and Solihull Rugby Club is being held back in its aspirations towards Premiership rugby, by a ground which cannot fulfil the requirements of such aspirations, whereas the site at Damson Parkway will provide a centre of excellence, not only for rugby, but all ball game sports in the borough.

The proposed housing on the Sharmans Cross Road ground would appear to have been carefully and sympathetically designed, with consideration for the feelings of local residents, Arden Tennis and Squash Club and the effects on local wildlife, all very much in mind.

If people would take the trouble to view and read the proposals on the planning applications website, instead of ‘sheep-like’ adding their signatures to an action group who will object to any request for new development in their neck of the woods, regardless of its merits, then they would see that this is a step forward not just for the residents of Sharmans Cross Road, but for the folk of Solihull.

Joseph McGinn, Hanbury Road, Dorridge


Authentic book

FURTHER to James Caffery’s comments on the Biblical accounts of the Birth of Christ, I would like to point out that the Bible (unsurprisingly) is possibly the most scientifically and historically investigated ancient document on earth. We know that what we have is authentic.

As further witness to its authenticity, Catholic tradition in knowledge and interpretation of the Bible goes back to the time of the Apostles, who in their turn passed on centuries of Jewish tradition and knowledge concerning the Old Testament or Hebrew Scripture. Catholic tradition knows, and has always known, the Bible very well. A further witness to the authenticity of the Bible is the fact that the Old and New Testaments fit together like a jigsaw. The Hebrew Scriptures foretell and foreshadow the events and teaching of the NewTestament and the New Testament explains the Old.

It is the claim of Islam that Jews and Christians distorted their Scriptures. We can ask which parts of the Bible are distorted and what is the evidence for this?

Margaret Sealey, via e-mail


Thanks for caring

ON New Year’s Eve my daughter took my little white Westie to Dorridge Park for a walk at around 10.30am. The dog disappeared into a wooded area and could not be found.

Several kind people tried to help, going in different directions to look for her.

My dog somehow got onto the railway line and a man climbed down and rescued her and took her to Dorridge Station. My daughter was still looking for her when another man with a pushchair asked if she was looking for a little white dog and told her she was at the station.

She is a very important part of my life - my children gave her to me for Christmas in 2005 and we all love her very much. It’s good to know there are still kind people who will take the time and trouble to help others.

Judy, Dorridge


The innocents

LIVING on this earth seems to be getting more difficult by the day. Disregarding worldwide poverty, catastrophic diseases, or even the slow environmental meltdown, more topical than anything else is violence and terror. From Rwanda to Palestine, blood seems to be on the horizon.

Yet why are so many people dying needlessly; people caught up in Gaza who have no influence on Hamas and can neither direct it, nor leave it?

What messages does this send out to the world and its youth?

Because Israel is allowed to get away with the killing of innocent people, the general principle of killing innocents can be accepted so long as the right grievances are cited.

The Muslim community has seen many acts of indiscriminate violence committed in its name, and every time, it has been straight in its condemnation of such acts.

With the developments in Israel, the only statement we hear on a daily basis is that of the world condemning the killing of innocent Israelis by Hamas, and its firing of its rockets.

I want to know why aren’t the Jews condemning the killing of innocent Palestinians by the Israelis? Muslims have condemned the killing of innocent civilians, the world over. With the same breath, Jewish people should be doing the same – not because Muslims are doing it, but because it’s wrong to kill innocent people.

More and more pressure has to be put up against the idea of killing innocent people. It is wrong, regardless of who does it, why it is done, and who it is done against. Stand up. Speak up. Let it be known that this in not being done in your name.

Obadah Ghannam, via e-mail


I WOULD like to express my outrage at what is happening in Gaza at the moment.

I have a two-year-old daughter and it’s unimaginable to see how many young children and women have been killed in strikes by Israel.

What exactly is terrorism? Wikipedia defines terrorism as ‘the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion’. How much terror do you think the 215 young children and 89 women who have so far been killed experienced before they died? What about the ones who constantly live in fear? The ones who were taking shelter in a UN shelter when they were air bombed and sent to their deaths.

Israel’s actions are less of a democracy acting nation and more of a rogue state with an utterly unscrupulous set of leaders who habitually violate international law and regularly practise terrorism against innocent civilians for political purposes.

The killing of innocent people is wrong, be they Israelis or Palestinians, but what is even more incredulous is that a so-called democracy like Israel considers its actions in the last two weeks defensive as opposed to offensive. If 700 Palestinians dead and over 3,100 injured is defensive, then what is offensive? I certainly hope we never have to find out.

Omar Ahmed, Solihull


Witness appeal

I AM appealing to the students and parents at Light Hall School to assist me regarding an accident in Hathaway Road just after 3pm on April 9 2008.

I was parked in Hathaway Road waiting to collect my children from Light Hall School when my car was hit by a bus. At the time the bus company told me that they had a scheme designed to resolve such matters and I did not feel the need to secure a witness at that time. However, the driver is now claiming I pulled out, which is not the case. Unless I can secure a witness shortly the matter will have to go to court.

I am hoping that, as this was quite an unusual incident either a pupil or parent may remember it and come forward as a witness.

If you are able to assist me I would be very grateful. Please call or text me on 07546 071979.

Diane Marsh, via e-mail


Weekend shift

WHATEVER your political persuasion you have to be impressed with Lorely Burt MP. What a hard working MP. She even replies to your e-mail enquiries on a Saturday!

S Wilson, via e-mail


A lot of hot air

I WOULD like respond to Mr Howell’s letter (Jan 9). I also witnessed the four orangey-yellow lights. I was in the Royal British Legion at the time and a gentleman came in and said about them, so a few of us gathered outside to see and it seemed to us all that it was people in four hot air balloons having a romantic night flight on Christmas Day. So if you thought it was an alien encounter I’m sorry to disappoint you.

Mr Winnett, Shirley


Sky lantern

I TOO saw the ‘strange lights’ but on New Year’s Day at about 1am as I came out of my good friends, the Beard’s house. Laura saw the lights in the sky and immediately assumed that the end of the world was nigh!

The only logical explanation is what is called a ‘Sky Lantern’. This is whereby a special wax cell is placed within a dome of paper resembling a hot air balloon and simply lit and let go. The lantern can burn for up to 20 minutes and can rise up to 1500 metres (thus explaing the orange/yellow flicker).

D Harris, Solihull


Down the drain

RE- ‘HEARTLESS yobs’ (Letters). I am sorry Mr Don Bargery that you had to wait for your morning cuppa, but we keep our milk in the fridge. I know it’s not really a joke but I think, no I know, we have only got ourselves to blame for these heartless yobs as you call them.

If we look at different faiths you will find that Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Roman Catholic parents are very strict when it comes to their own religions. Their own faiths are as important as maths, English, history etc. The Bible says (prov 22v 6): “Train up a child in the way it should go and it will not depart from it.”

So you see Mr Bargery, we are all to blame. Ask any child born in this country the last time they went to church and the answer is always the same - a wedding or a christening or never. So Don I am afraid our country is going down the drain with your milk.

P Thomas, via e-mail


Such arrogance

THE bungling arrogrance of Sharon Shoemaker taking the local council for unfair dismissal shows the attitude of her personality. Having failed in the position of head of child care in Haringay, the first question is who engaged a person of limited knowledge of children, not being a parent herself?

Having so-called management skills have not proved the ability to recognise the danger of injuries being caused to young babies.

C Mills, Solihull


Thanks to all

BALSALL Common Lions wish to thank all residents for their generous donations to Santa and his sleigh just before Christmas. Over £5,000 was collected, exceeding last year’s total. This sum will be distributed to local charities. We must also thank Carstins for their support with the loan of the tow vehicle. Thank you too for the mince pies and chocolates supplied en route by residents. Very welcome!

Marie-Louise Marsden, Balsall Common Lions


Poor example

WHY has a pensioner whose wife has asked to use the staff toilet at a supermarket been given the front page as if he is a hero? (Solihull News). This toilet is for staff use.

In this day of police staff being over-employed, this man has taken the law into his own hands and has created his own protest. The police do not have time to deal with the likes of Mr Dyke.

What was his protest for? Surely the correct action would have been for this man to contact Tesco and highlight his vexation. This was not a good example to my children.

Sylvanus Ward, via e-mail


Glory days

JUST a follow on to the poem written by Joan Morris, Solihull News, December 26.

Oh Memories

When I was young,

And the world was fun,

My life’s adventure had just begun,

And the days were long,

And the work was tough,

But I was young,

And I was strong,

And the nights were short,

And my days were long.

When I was young,

The weeks passed slow,

But the years flew by,

Where did they go?

But when I retired,

I would have time for you.

To do the things we dreamt to do,

Now that day has come,

I’m no longer young,

And I so yearn,

For the songs Kate sung,

Now my children have gone,

To homes of their own,

And my Kate has gone,

To a heavenly home,

And here am I, all alone

And suddenly,

I have time to spare,

But no-one here,

To love and care,

Now I’m old, and no longer strong,

My days are short,

And the nights are long.

Jeff Deekes, Four Oaks


Animal care

VOLUNTEERS for Britain’s leading farm animal welfare organisation took to the streets of Solihull on December 27, 2008 to raise funds for farm animals. Enthusiastic collectors promoted their campaign to keep the ban on battery cages in the European Union, due to come into force in 2012.

The £255.72 raised will be used to lobby the EU Parliament and educate consumers to utilise their trolley power, in order to influence egg product retailers.

To find out more, contact Compassion in World Farming on 01483 521953 or

Hayley Warner

Supporter Services Officer

Compassion in World Farming



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