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Bright orange ‘UFO’ spotted

WAS it a bird or a plane or a UFO?

WAS it a bird or a plane or a UFO?

Michael Broadbent reckons he saw the latter on Wednesday as he was smoking a cigarette in his back garden on Beechwood Park Road.

The unidentified flying object first appeared at 8.45pm, went straight up into the night sky and faded out.

“A very bright orange light came across from the east and went straight up towards the North Star,” he said.

“It looked to be heading towards Solihull town centre but I don’t think it reached that far.

The 60 year old darted into his house to tell his family who were amazed to see the light return for a second and third time. When it came back it was more red than orange,” he said.

Michael, who works for a water company, said he regularly sees aeroplanes flying over his house but admits this was a ‘totally different’ object.

Did anyone else see a UFO on Wednesday night? Call the newsdesk on 0121 705 3545.



Cathrina Hulse
Multimedia Journalist
Annette Belcher
Multimedia Journalist
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