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Bring back production to the UK

“WE’VE got to get back to making things in this country.”

“WE’VE got to get back to making things in this country.”

How many times have you heard politicians from all parties say that over the past 12 months?

During his visit to Solihull, George Osborne, was the latest minister banging the drum for the manufacturing sector.

Wonderful! But isn’t it too little, too late, for a sector that has been neglected by government after government.

A pity MPs weren’t so vocal when plants across the Midlands were shutting in droves – with industry being shipped abroad.

Thatcher dealt a hammer-blow to so many traditional trades, but the declined continued under Labour.

Granted, companies like Land Rover are doing well – the local workforce have every right to be proud of a product that is known around the world.

But let’s not forget that, like Cadbury’s and HP Sauce, it’s a Great British brand that’s now in foreign hands.

Buy-outs, bankruptcies, hundreds out of work, it’s a record that this country should be ashamed of.



Cathrina Hulse
Multimedia Journalist
Annette Belcher
Multimedia Journalist
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