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Brussels sprout

WOW - I thought I had heard it all! I have just read that EU rules are into more rubbish!

WOW - I thought I had heard it all! I have just read that EU rules are into more rubbish!

Yes they can now fine local authorities who do not collect bin material separately.

Just when are all our political parties going to get a backbone and show two fingers to these jumped-up little dictators. When will Britain get its life back?

Here the electorate are being encouraged to muse over the alternative vote system or first past the post, to supposedly have a say on British parliamentary rule, only to find that there on the other side of the Channel, these dictators are ordering our bin-men on how to do their job.

I hope our young people will get more interested in studying the ways of political dictatorships abroad - or we could get political unrest similar to that in the Middle East.

This unrest stems from avarice of those who purport to rule over us.

Josie Herbert, Solihull and Meriden Residents Association


Parish in crisis

WE believe it’s high time the role of some of our parish councils and their lack of accountability was brought into the public arena.

The prime example must surely be that of Balsall Common whose writ runs as far afield as Chadwick End from where local residents are contemplating open revolt.

The parish council is proposing a precept for 2011/12 of £95,000 and will be instructing Solihull Council to collect an extra £31.45 from each of its households (Band D) in April.

They actually plan to spend £140,000 using all their £45,000 reserves to keep the charge down which means a 50 per cent increase is built in for next year when there are no elections to face.

The spend includes staffing £24,000 and administration costs £37,000 but they only have a part time clerk 18 hours a week and have no premises to pay for.

The youth provision of £10,000 is a grant to a football club in Berkswell, there is also a £7,000 subsidy to a commercial nursery.

The accounts have not been signed off by auditors for last year and I understand they are also facing court action from their own parishioners in Chadwick End over an abuse of powers in respect of their village hall. Two of the 11 parish councillors have resigned and another has been suspended.

Solihull has acted in the past to use its powers to step in and take over the running of a dysfunctional parish council and should consider doing so again at Balsall Common until such time as its affairs and finances are put into good order.

Trevor Eames, secretary – Solihull Ratepayers Association


More bike lanes

I am a cyclist and I would love to see the cycle lane that’s being built in Castle Bromwich and Smith’s Wood.The roads are far too dangerous for cyclists. Cycle routes should be on every path like the ones in Redditch and Tamworth.

Solihull Council did a nice bike path in Monkspath along Stratford Road and me and my family enjoy a cycle ride away from the roads.

It’s a shame the council can’t do more for cyclists and then more people will turn to cycling to work.

Lots of people, including myself, have been injured cycling on the roads.

Terry, Solihull via e-mail


True navigator

IT’S only a spoof isn’t it? But beware Michael Crockett (Faith Matters) God is not mocked, and there is no lady inside your sat nav, and if I was you Michael I would come back to reality and stick with what your professors taught you, and remember that Jesus is the way.

It’s always possible to turn back to God, who never gives up on us. You only have to ask and God will come to where you are,

If I was you I would ask God for a little help with my driving. Put God in the driving seat and you won’t lose your way. He’s better than a sat nav. God bless you all,

P Thomas, Baxters Rd, Shirley



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