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Bureaucrats rule

THE UK’s first ever national referendum was held in 1975 and the result was a resounding “Yes” to stay in the European Economic Community.

THE UK’s first ever national referendum was held in 1975 and the result was a resounding “Yes” to stay in the European Economic Community. That is what was voted for – a common market but Steve Hall (Letters) appears to be blinkered or ignorant to the reality. The common market is long forgotten.

Since the signing of the Lisbon Treaty we can never be fully governed by a party of our choice. Due to the EU, we will never be able to amend or repeal any laws made by the unelected Commission. Furthermore we will spend our whole working life paying to support up to 100 million EU pensioners.

I think it’s time for Mr Hall and other Europhiles to get real particularly after the Spanish economy was downgraded and Ireland became the most recent victim of the fast failing Eurozone. Mr Hall better get his cheque book out – again.

Janet Mabbott, Solihull


Good luck Nikki

I VOTED for membership (of the then named Common Market) back in the 1970s, on the basis of free trade and co-operation in Europe.

Since then there have been a succession of treaties (not proposed to our electorate) which have created an expensive bureaucracy introducing gross interference into our rights and sovereignty.

We obviously need to work positively with our neighbouring countries, but what I voted for is not what we now have. I hope Nikki Sinclaire does win her campaign for a new referendum, and then we might join the likes of other countries in Europe, but outside the EU, who enjoy harmony with their neighbours and prosperity.

Good luck Nikki. Let’s work and trade with Europe, the Commonwealth and any other nation that we choose.

Kelvin Jones via e-mail


Cadets salute

THE cadets, staff and committees of Shirley & District Sea Cadets would like to thank all members of the public who visited Solihull town centre on Saturday October 2 and gave generous donations to our Cadets at their annual flag day collection.

The donations totalled £739 and 100 per cent of this will be used to maintain the equipment used by the Cadets and the Unit premises. For more on the sea cadets visit or e-mail at

Ken McNally

Vice Chairman (UMC)

Shirley & District Sea Cadets


A time to weep

WE all know the shortest line in the Bible - John 11 verse 35,when I read the Faith Matters piece on September 24 I nearly wept.

In the first paragraph,the Rev Patrick Taylor points out what an opportunity for us all it was for the head of the Roman Catholic church to visit Britain, and the fact that he is an Anglican.

Both of these profess to be following the teachings of Christ when in actual fact they are not, let’s stop in the world for a moment, we are already in debt as a country and we go and spend £10 million on a visit of the Pope which has been forgotten already.

When I look at Roman Catholic services and Anglican services and their teachings all the gold and glitter it reminds me of the scribes and pharisees that Jesus encounted when he traveled the Holy Land.

P Thomas, Baxters Rd, Shirley


Greswolde horror

I HAD the misfortune of coming back from an early doctor’s appointment and witnessed for myself, what has been previously described as the ‘nightmare outside Greswolde School’.

First of all, I was unable to turn into Buryfield Road from Lode Lane as someone was sitting across the ‘do not enter’ sign.

There were cars coming down towards Lode Lane, there were cars trying to get in and out of Ferndown Road. All were stationary and yet, still someone tried to cut across me. I was stuck behind an enormous 4 x 4 that could not get down the road.

What it needs is an unmarked police car to try and get along Buryfield Road at around 8.55am to witness the appalling attitude of these parents.

JC - name address supplied


Flying high

ON behalf of the Solihull Branch, Royal Air Force Association, I wish to thank the members of the public who generously contributed to the ‘Battle of Britain Wings Appeal’ collection on Saturday, September 18,

Members of the branch, supported by cadets from 489 Olton, 492 Solihull and 1459 Heart of England Squadrons of the Air Training Corps, collected £4,901.69. This was most welcome for the charity that provides welfare support to the RAF members, past and present and their dependants.

Chris Bullen, Wings Appeal Co-Ordinator



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