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Burt is well liked for her dedication

THE UK’s leading guru on the economy has sung the praises of Solihull MP, Lorely Burt, writes Ross Crawford.

THE UK’s leading guru on the economy has sung the praises of Solihull MP, Lorely Burt, writes Ross Crawford.

Vince Cable, probably the most trusted voice in British politics, described the Liberal Democrats’ shadow minister for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform as ‘a phenomenal MP who is well liked for her hard work, and dedication, to her constituents.’

“I used to work for a multi-national company but I never risked my own money in it,” he said, “Lorely not only set up her own successful business but used her own money to do it too - she knows business and knows what she is talking about.”

The MP for Twickenham and deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats was guest of honour at the party’s Solihull and Meriden branch annual dinner, the culmination of a day in the region where he visited Blythe Valley based global developers Arup to discuss ways of bringing the country out of the recession.

“It’s very easy to be seduced by the London scene,” he said, “but out here is the real economy and there’s a lot of hardship in the West Midlands with a lot of people and businesses struggling to survive.”

Describing the economy as having suffered a heart attack, he said the failure of the banks to extend credit was having a devastating affect on the country.

“Small to medium businesses are having tremendous difficulty finding credit and without it companies are going bust and we are losing jobs,” he said.

He then reminded the party faithful of their core beliefs; government from the bottom up by returning power to local authorities, an outward looking view of the world and the EC (‘there are a lot of good things about the European Community and a lot of bad, but we are in it and we must play our part’) and, in describing how he was nearly arrested under the terrorism laws during a peaceful protest over a third runway at Heathrow Airport, the loss of personal freedoms.

He then went on to give a rallying call six months before the General Election: “We already make a big difference, the number of our MPs has been doubling and we are advancing at each election.

“We already control most of the big cities in the UK, people trust us and know we are the party of change and all it takes is a few percentage points for the entire political landscape to change.”



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