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Bus pass folly

SO the coalition government is now thinking of taking away bus passes from the elderly.

SO the coalition government is now thinking of taking away bus passes from the elderly. Many older people lead relatively solitary lives, particularly if they have lost a partner.

Often they use their bus passes to go to meetings such as church coffee mornings or to local clubs or groups that promote hobbies or activities. Here they meet and socialise with others in their age group.

Would the politicians rather our old folks stayed at home and looked at the four walls of their living room? While I accept that some people would still go out and pay their bus fare many wouldn’t. And when attendances fall, quite often groups become financially unviable and close.

In any case what money is saved? Does a half empty bus cost a lot less to run than a full one?

Don Alcott, Tanworth Lane



Show us the books

retire at 72, we are being hoodwinked into old age poverty, and these sums just don’t bear out the economic realities.

Greece is used as the benchmark of economic madness, yet even with the financial rescue package no one is even suggesting the Greeks work until they are 72, in fact their retirement age is still younger than ours is now, so why is it that the British are expected to work longer, retire later, take less holidays and have lower pensions?

The truth is we are being conned by the Tories, lied to by the Liberals and punished by Labour, it’s time to see the real books of our countries wealth, and not the set of austerity ledgers.

ST Vaughan, Glastonbury Road, Yardley Wood


We spend more

IN response to ‘Angry residents step in to tidy graveyard’ (Solihull News). We greatly appreciate the effort local residents have put into tidying up St Mary’s & St Margaret’s graveyard. However the article did not fairly express the resources Solihull Council’s puts into the maintenance of the graveyard.

The Council receives about £40 a year from the War Graves Commission to maintain the nine war graves in the graveyard. This by no means covers the cost of maintenance.

Each year we budget about £4,000 to provide routine maintenance of the whole graveyard, which involves going in four to five times a year to mow the lawn and ensure the footpaths and boundary walls are in good condition.

Contrary to the report, we have a good working relationship with the Castle Bromwich Community Project and work closely with them, including on this project.

It is a shame that such worthy work has been reported in such a negative light.

Councillor Graham Craig


Not disgruntled

I read with dismay your article on the clear-up of St Mary & St Margaret Graveyard Castle Bromwich (Solihull News).

The Castle Bromwich Community Project was established with the primary aim of improving inter-generational relationships and creating a sustainable community where people aspire to live.

It is definitely not a group of disgruntled residents. All of the people present at the recent four day clear-up volunteered because they wished to help conserve the local environment, not because they were angry and fed-up at the state of the graveyard. I have no idea from where the idea of a group of disgruntled and angry residents arose.

Castle Bromwich Community Project has been working clearing the graveyard for the past two years. We have been helped in our efforts by Solihull Council, which has assisted us in many ways.

Without the help and support offered to the Project by Solihull Council it would have been far harder for us to achieve our objectives.

Terrie Knibb

Chairman Castle Bromwich Community Project


Figures please

I SEE that Councillor Jamieson is worried that car accidents will increase if Speed Cameras are turned off.

Could the councillor provide us then with the figures before cameras were installed and those since.

The councillor makes it sound as though Solihull is a bad area for accidents and we all speed.

I would like to know how many of these accidents were caused through excessive speed and not just normal accidents that can happen at anytime regardless of cameras.

Am I also right in thinking that all proceeds from these cameras go to the Police? Are they speed cameras or cash cameras.

Concerned Solihull resident


Cameras vital

OH the arrogance of driver B Pittaway (Letters), who dislikes any life/injury saving speed cameras is breathtaking. Perhaps BP would also like traffic lights and speed humps withdrawn, thus giving ‘freedom’ to racing crazed motorists?

Until the Tory-controlled government started thoughtlessly wielding the clumsy cuts axe in all directions, it was generally agreed these cameras serve a vital purpose. They deterred ever increasing numbers of reckless drivers deliberately exceeding clearly shown speed limits in proven dangerous areas.

Plain fact is, laws are made to be obeyed. If people did not speed they would not be fined.

So three cheers to local Labour and Lib/Dem councillors, for defending our 12 vital Solihull cameras. Will Tory councillors have the guts to support us? I doubt it. Also will ‘camp follower’ Lorely have the courage to speak out on our behalf?

Don Bargery

Alston Road, Solihull


No action

IT is with anger and dismay that after alerting Solihull Council of a potential dangerous play area, nothing to date has been done to rectify the situation.

I refer to the childrens play area in Monkspath Hall Road park.

It would appear approximately half the fencing surrounding the play area has been removed, and the remaining post holes left unfilled, thus creating a highly dangerous trip and trap hazard for the children. This further impacting by the higher use during the school holidays.

Considering the danger posed, I am disgusted by the lack of action and the simple solugtion required to fill in these holes.

I would urge any parent whose child has been injured/near miss to contact their legal advisor as this hazard was reported to the council on August 9.

G Evans

Manor Road, Solihull


Take it home

WITH reference to Solihull Council’s anti-litter campaign, I say well done. Our Green is a lovely space of grass where the little ones can play. But unfortunately we have visitors who break bottles and leave dog mess, without any thought to the people who use the green as it should be used. Then we have the grass cutters who cut before they litter pick, making say a plastic bottle several pieces instead of one, and shatter the glass bottles. I say - take your rubbish home

Dave Reynolds

Campden Green, Solihull



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