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I AM writing to say how upset I am that Shirley Royal British Legion continues to open up and trade while war veterans and members of the public march and attend Remembrance service.

I AM writing to say how upset I am that Shirley Royal British Legion continues to open up and trade while war veterans and members of the public march and attend Remembrance service.

People are putting themselves out by paying their respects to fallen soldiers yet Shirley Legion opens up for members to play darts and snooker.

Clive Strange, via e-mail



WHILST observing the two minutes silence with my work colleagues on Friday I was amazed by the number of younger people quite oblivious to what was taking place around them, especially younger women with children, who it seems can’t even for two minutes stop whizzing round with their oversized buggies and keep their kids, quiet.

Sad really that they can be so ignorant and unaware.

Pat Joyce, via e-mail


Smokey future

I OFTEN walk my dog in my local area (Widney Lane, Ashbourgh Drive, Sandhills Cres and Hillfield in general).

Over the past winter and again since the cold weather has come upon us, I have noticed smog across these areas and on returning home, noticing that my clothes smell of smoke. It is like going back to the 1950s prior to the smoke free zones of which Solihull was one.

This smoke is coming from chimneys, obviously with so-called efficient smokeless log burning fires.

The council need to come down hard on these polluters before we end up with the same problem as in the 50s and 60s.

Mr Lewis, Hillfield, Solihull


Rail problems

IT would be easy to get the wrong impression from the Transport Select Committee’s report on High Speed Rail. The press release says the TSC supported HS2, but the detailed report contains damning criticism of the project, its specification, and the Department for Transport.

The TSC found it “hard to assess” HS2 because the Government has no overall transport strategy. There’s no overall plan that relates HS2 to regional policy, other modes of transport, or the rest of the rail network. There’s no financial plan showing there’ll be enough money left over for other transport projects, or how they’ll meet demand until 2026.

The TSC supports the traffic analysis carried out by critics of HS2, and concedes that more modest schemes might meet demand for several decades to come. It urges the Government to ‘engage with Network Rail to identify whether there are affordable options’.

It’s disappointing the Government can’t seem to accept the factual basis of objections to the scheme, and believes the business case - based on time savings - is overstated.

Finally, regarding the impacts on communities, ‘detailed assessments have not been undertaken’ and ‘it is impossible to tell’. The TSC recommends the Government should follow its own ideas, and ‘place a monetary value on natural capital’, and ‘place greater emphasis on following existing transport corridors’.

Richard Lloyd, Chairman The Heart of England High Speed Railway Action Group


Another view.......

The Transport Select Committee HS2 report has been published and says: -

l HS2 is affordable and should go ahead beginning with London-West Midlands, where capacity needs are greatest

• “HS2 will bring a step change in capacity, quality, reliability, and frequency of rail services between major cities

• “HSR offers economic/strategic benefits which a conventional line does not”,

• “HSR may be a catalyst for economic growth, helping to rebalance the economy and bridge the north-south divide

In essence the TSC calls for HS2 to built in much shorter timescale and further extended to Scotland

Solihull benefits from the combination of the airport, international, and HS2 Interchange on our doorstop.

Solihull will be an unbeatable combination for the future especially if Centro ‘delivers the goods’ connecting to West Midland rail/bus/tram services.

Local, regional, national, international global connectivity par excellence indeed.

Mr Deanshaw (Letters) should perhaps say whether he would like a large ‘social housing development, business/industrial estate regeneration on his lawn before I need answer his question as to whether I would like HS2 in Monastery Drive.

For myself HS2 has no real fears. Having lived next to a level crossing with 1,000ft freight trains passing at 60mph less than 20 metres away 24/7 with no sound barriers HS2 holds no fears.

Noise from M42 is 24/7 and greater than that from HS2 having a 18/24 footprint.

Eventually you get used to the noise and passing trains provide an interest.

HT Harvey, Monastery Drive, B91


Ring appeal

ON Friday, November 11 I sadly lost a most treasured possession - my engagement ring.

It could have been lost anywhere from Hillfield to St Alphege, Solihull town centre to Tudor Grange swimming baths to Cranmore Boulevard shops, and anywhere in between.

If you happen to be the person to find a platinum and diamond engagement ring, it really would make a very sad wife and mummy’s day if you would be kind enough to take it to Solihull Police station and enable us to be reunited.

Mrs S McCormack


So grateful

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to all staff on ward 20 AMU at Solihull Hospital for all their kind help and expertise following a recent emergency admission due to an epileptic seizure.

We see an awful lot of bad press about our hospitals, and I have, sadly, over the last few years had rather a lot of experience of stays in various ones. All I can say is that I am very grateful I live in Solihull. I was reassured that if I should have any future medical emergencies due to my condition I would always be taken to Solihul Hospital for treatment. The staff were lovely to me at a time which I found very distressing and frightening.

Amanda Enever, Widney Lane, Solihull


Looking for Madge

MISSING link from my past: My birth name was Carol Anne Neale, my mother’s name was Madge Marjorie Neale, father’s name Percy Albert Horton.

I had a sister named Madge Meryl Neale, born October 1947. I was born July 1952 and we lived at No 19 Lugtrout Lane, Solihull.

Sadly I was put up for adoption in 1953 so I would like to trace Madge Meryl Neale. So if anybody knows of her whereabouts, I would like to hear what happened after I was adopted. She was a cleaner at Gardener’s Arms, Solihull.

My name now is now Hazel and I can be contacted on 0121 753 0847.

Name and address supplied


Halcyon days

I WAS interested in Colin Hornby’s reference to daffodils on Station Approach, Dorridge; although I have no photographs I certainly remember them.

They were donated by a Mr Viney and each spring the magnificent display, stretching from the railway bridge to the station buildings, brightened the lives of residents and traders.

I recall in the 1940s my mom meeting me at the junior school on Station Road when she would walk me and my brother to Dorridge village, perhaps to have a haircut at Norman Young’s Station Approach salon or get sweets from the next door confectioners, but certainly to admire the beautiful daffs.

Oh halcyon days - what a tragedy when they were grubbed up, making way for unwanted lock-up shops.

Rob Brooke, Berrow Homes, Knowle



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