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Call of duty

I did raise an eyebrow when I read the article regarding police helicopter crew keeping in touch with Solihull residents via the Twitter website (Solihull News).

I did raise an eyebrow when I read the article regarding police helicopter crew keeping in touch with Solihull residents via the Twitter website (Solihull News).

The helicopter makes several low-flying journeys each day disturbing the peaceful tranquillity of the Solihull neighbourhood. However, I have been extremely concerned with the increase in late night/early morning flights.

Many of our neighbours have complained of being rudely awoken in the middle of the night at least once a week by the monotonous drone of this vehicle. This morning at 3.15, I myself was awoken from a deep slumber to the sound of this helicopter – the sound continued for some 20 minutes.

Incidentally it was also the morning of the GCSE English examination so I can only imagine how Year 11 pupils in our local schools must have felt having studied so hard for two years only to be robbed of a refreshing sleep the night before an important examination.

Realising that it would be futile to complain I consoled myself by imagining how a Twitter conversation might go....

Me@rudelyawoken: Hi, are you aware of the time? It’s half past three in the morning and you’ve just woken me up - and I have work in four hours.

Policepilot1@twitter: OMG! Our first tweet! Wow! Yeah, crime never sleeps, mister, just doing our job.

Me: But you’ve been hovering over nothing for twenty minutes – what’s the emergency?

Pilot2: Oh, can’t tell you that – confidentiality and all that. Oooh, sorry about that, Bazza just did a hard left roll – just like in the title sequence of that Airwolf programme from the 80s! That was sick, Baz! U da’ 1!

Me: Is it a mass murderer on the loose? Are we being invaded?

Pilot2: LOL! OMG! No, no, nothing like that – just chill out J

Me: But it’s half three in the morning – do you really need to be disturbing thousands of Solihull households at this time of the morning? Most of us have got work/school/a job centre to go to in a few hours. And my son has got his GCSE English exam as well – he’s been studying hard for the past three months for this one.

Pilot2: Take a chill pill, m8! He’ll be fine – if he can’t get into college he can always join the police force, ain’t that right, Bazza?

Pilot1: Hold on a sec… I’m uploading last night’s footage of the football riot to YouTube – should be good for a few hits!

Me: Please don’t tell me that taxpayers money is going on needless technology. And is it true that it costs nearly twelve thousand pounds a week to keep that helicopter running? Surely that amount of money would put more police on our streets paroling our neighbourhood of an evening – you know, prevention rather than cure?

Pilot1: Whoahh… know-it-all resident alert – abort mission and back to base, Bazza!

Pilot2: Roger that – then we can finish that game of Call of Duty Black Ops back at the station. Sick

T Cole, Amberley Road, Solihull


Memories of Bakelite

I was interested in the cartoon of Bakelite remembered because I knew some of the people featured in the cartoon (Archive News).

Christine Greatrex (the scorer) now lives in Torquay and I have arranged for the article to be taken to her in August. I knew Ian Haynes and I think it is Eric Bloxham with the glass of beer and he now lives in Kenilworth and I shall arrange to take the article to him at the end of May.

I myself, am infamous for letting more goals in the Bakelite goal posts than anyone else because I played goalkeeper for the Bakelite football team for ten years.

I knew Jim Riley (he was Ken Leedham’s predecessor) . The Bakelite staff still meet at the Solihull branch of the British Legion every second Friday in the month not bad for a company that closed down and made us all redundant in September 1985

Reg Lewis via e-mail


Cash cheer

Macmillan Cancer Support would like to thank the generous people of Solihull for their wonderful support with our street collection on May 7 in Mell Square. A wonderful £1,045.91 was raised and we are extremely pleased with this.

We rely on voluntary donations for 99 per cent of our income, so we simply couldn’t do what we do for people affected by cancer without your support. On behalf of those whom we are able to help, please accept our warmest thanks for your valuable support.

Ann Gumery, Macmillan Cancer Support


Vote thanks

On behalf of myself and the Conservative Party I wish to say a huge thank you to those of you in Shirley who voted for me in the South ward.

I was part of the successful team who have now taken a majority control of your council. I pledge to help protect greenbelt, to assist in delivery of economic regeneration to Shirley and a reduction in ASB in the area.

If you wish to know what I am up to for Shirley I will be blogging via twitter on @PDoyle83

Councillor Peter Doyle, Shirley South


My pledge

I was delighted to have been re-elected by the residents of St. Alphege to serve them for another four years on Solihull Council on the May 5. The level of support I received was truly humbling. I pledge myself to continue to work hard for all the residents of St. Alphege.

Surgeries are held at the Central Library in Solihull, on the first and last Saturday of the month, between 10am to 12 midday and no appointment is necessary.

Joe Tildesley, Welcombe Grove, Solihull



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