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Calls for pedestrian crossing in Chelmsley Circle

Demolished footbridge leaves residents at risk

Nick Stephens, Harold Harwood and Ed Williams, who are calling for a pedestrian crossing in Chelmsley Circle

A CHELMSLEY Wood man has warned that there could be a serious accident unless a pedestrian crossing is introduced to Chelmsley Circle.

Harold Harwood has started a petition and is urging the council to take action - although the local authority has said there is already a 20mph speed limit in place.

Problems started when the town centre was re-designed and a footbridge demolished in the process.

This has caused difficulties for many of the elderly people living in Woodbrook House (a warden-controlled tower block) and local bungalows. To get to the shopping centre, pensioners and other residents have to cross in front of traffic and Harold thinks it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

“Plans I have from Centro show a bridge still in place, and the cars and buses come at speed round here and if we don’t get a crossing soon there will be a tragedy” said Harold

Now he’s got backing from Labour’s council candidate Nick Stephens and prospective parliamentary candidate Ed Williams. The pair recently visited the town centre and are fully behind Harold’s campaign.

“Local residents in Chelmsley Wood have the same rights to shop in safety as those in other parts of the borough” said Mr Williams.

The petition will be presented at the next Full Council meeting - taking place on February 9.

A spokesman for Solihull Council said: “We are aware of Mr Harwood’s concerns and have discussed this issue with him. “When building the new bus interchange, we had to raise the carriageway and so had to remove the footbridge. Pedestrian crossings were not put in place as the road has a 20mph speed limit, has good visibility, and is used by buses and taxis only.

“There have been no pedestrian accidents since it opened a year ago. We will be happy to receive Mr Harwood’s petition and will look at the concerns raised.”



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