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Caught napping

I READ about the weekend’s activities in Meriden - Am I surprised?

I READ about the weekend’s activities in Meriden - Am I surprised? NO!

Every ‘man and his dog’ knows about the travelling community’s modus operandi. Certainly, the Meriden villagers were anticipating precisely this outcome. So, why were the Solihull planners sitting on their hands? I trust it was not because these public servants all had to rush home at 4pm, to enjoy a long relaxing weekend, in stark contrast to the misery imposed upon Meriden.

This ruse to circumvent planning law has been used many times on Bank Holiday weekends. The travellers must now be thumbing their noses at ineffective officialdom, and already planning their next coup.

I have to wonder how much Council Tax Solihull Council will collect from this band of travellers in 2010/11? Not a lot I wager!

Mr M Roberts via e-mail


The Bees knees

I WOULD like to congratulate Birmingham & Solihull Bees for their efforts in achieving the “Great Escape” and ensuring their future in the Rugby Championship next season. It was made even sweeter by their performance in beating Moseley for a second time in the play-offs.

Special praise should go to director of rugby Russell Earnshaw, who has rebuilt the team and created an amazing spirit, following the debacle of last autumn’s administration. Looking back to those dark days, this outcome seems all the more incredible.

Once the dust has settled it is to be hoped that the management will be able to secure the long-term future of the club, and above all, to retain the inspirational “Rusty”. In the meantime, enjoy the break, lads, you deserve it!

Mike (Joss) Josypenko via e-mail


Rich pickings

I understand that the front bench of the Conservative Party are all millionaires . The Sunday Times Rich List for 2010 reveals that the combined wealth of 1,000 residents of the UK now stands at £336 billion - 239% up on 1997. Is it not time for them to cough-up - come out of hiding their money offshore or being Non Dom?

Let them help to get Britain out of this recession! Lets have no more talk of savage cuts for the taxpayers

Let us start with an equal society!

Josie Herbert Chair SAMRA


Caring for monkey

REGARDING the monkey at Gordon Scott shoe shop in Solihull. Currently we do not know where we will place it but we are working to put it somewhere within the store. The windows will be relatively opened planned and it maybe difficult to have him in one but we would like to put him hopefully within the childrens department. He is currently being repaired and is being well looked after. Please be rest assured the monkey will not be lost or binned.

David Perry, area manager, Midlands


Union rebuttal

I WAS amused by the directionless rant signed by all the Unions “Say No To Hatred”. Firstly I would like to know what evidence they have the the BNP councillor elected in Chelmsley Wood was “ineffective and unable to represent the interests of local people”.

Secondly, on the point about creating division in communities, I would like to remind them of a couple of union leaders who they no doubt hold in great reverence, namely “Red Robbo” of the 70’s fame and Arthur Scargill of the miner’s strike fame.

Red Robbo just about destroyed car manufacturing in the West Midlands while Arthur Scargill single handedly destroyed and divided the mining union through his own socialist crusade against Margaret Thatcher.

Moral behind the story? Don’t put your names to a general letter issued by your union with just a few local “tweaks” without consulting your History books first.

Rosemary Worsley

Bronte Farm Road



It’s democracy

REGARDING the high speed rail link. Councillor Richard Lloyd of Balsall Common should surely realise that those elected do represent the electorate.

At least those in favour of HS2. And come to think of it other successful projects like the roundabout on the A452 and the proposed and much needed new health centre in Balsall Common also supported by many in the community. Elected representatives represent our views

but they do not have to agree with them. They have to represent the wider interest of the whole community not just a vocal few. It’s called democracy.

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