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Change for the better

The ‘No’ campaign are dropping leaflets through doors, ahead of the referendum on May 5.

The ‘No’ campaign are dropping leaflets through doors, ahead of the referendum on May 5. I would like to respond to the main claims they make about the Alternative Vote – because I believe them all to be wrong.

‘Supporters of fringe parties get their votes counted five or six times.’ Wrong. Under AV, everyone’s votes are included in each round of counting. If AV was such a bonus for fringe parties, as the ‘No’ campaign claim, why are the BNP against it?

‘AV is complex.’ Wrong. I don’t think many of us have too much difficulty counting from one to five.

‘AV is expensive.’ Wrong again.

Counting the votes and getting the results will not take any longer than doing a council election where there are two or three people to be elected for each ward.

Costly ‘counting machines’ are not required.

‘More coalition governments.’ Not necessarily. It will depend on how we all vote. If there’s strong support for one party, it will win outright. If there isn’t, politicians will have to try to work together. But that is what voters will have asked for.

‘No-one wants a change at this time.’ If not now, when?

The ‘No’ campaign want us to carry on with politics as usual at Westminster. But elections should be run on voters’ terms, not parties’ terms. We can do better – by voting ‘Yes’ on May 5.

James Plaskitt, MP for Warwick & Leamington 1997-2010


Promises galore

Having been inundated with all the propaganda of the forth coming elections the candidates are all ready for the promised Land.

Why is this? The answer is a simple one because I find that whenever they are put on the spot they never give the same answer every time.

I think the time as arrived for a positive change in representation and we should vote accordingly.

C.Mills, Coleshill Heath, Solihull



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