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Cleaning up

I WRITE in response to the letters about the missed bin and recycling collections due to the snow and ice.

I WRITE in response to the letters about the missed bin and recycling collections due to the snow and ice.

Firstly, can I thank residents for their patience and for their continued support in helping our collections run smoothly and in recycling as much waste as possible?

Secondly I would like to assure residents that our crews made every effort to complete their full collections as normal despite the weather.

Operating the collection vehicles has risks for our crews even on days when the weather is fine. During snow and ice we have to be particularly careful. Even if other types of vehicles have managed to travel down a particular road it may not be safe for a refuse vehicle to do so.

We do not underestimate the inconvenience missed collections create for people and we deployed extra vehicles and staff to catch up.

Collection services resumed on January 18 and any backlog was cleared by January 29.

Cllr Kate Wild

Cabinet member for Community Services and the Environment


Job well done

I WOULD like to congratulate Solihull Council for training us all to be excellent at recycling.

Ray Dyke

Lanfields Road, Solihull


The long view

IN 50 years time Tony Blair will be hailed as a brilliant politician, I feel he took the country to war in Iraq to end a war we had been involved in for 35 years in Northern Ireland.

For 35 years the Americans have supplied the IRA with money, weapons and training and we were powerless to stop them. I think Tony Blair and President Bush made a deal that if we help in Iraq he would stop the arms flow.

We had no way out of Northern Ireland but we could always get out of Iraq. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

R Howles

Hampton in Arden


No answer

I WAS disappointed with Sue Yates’s response (January 22) to my letter about the lack of independent traders in Solihull town centre. She failed to address the main issue - providing greater choice for shoppers - and instead stuck doggedly to the commercial case for setting up a Business Improvement District.

Sue believes the presence of traditional butchers and other food retailers won’t improve ‘footfall’. I’m not so sure she’s right. I know some residents who drive miles to be served by a small independent trader - how many others must there be out there?

Jane McKie, via e-mail



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