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THE EU’s Transport and Tourism Committee is proving to be a gold mine of news stories.

THE EU’s Transport and Tourism Committee is proving to be a gold mine of news stories. The latest being ‘climate proofing’ transport policy, which could include measures such as road tolls and expensive impositions on the car industry to reduce carbon emissions.

The issue of climate change is used shamelessly as a political tax and social control agenda. Indeed, as the leaked e-mails show, the situation vis-à-vis climate change has been seriously misrepresented to the British people.

When it finally sinks in that the world has had five Ice Ages and in four of those the CO2 was higher than now, indeed one was more than ten times higher than now, the CO2 agenda will be compared with ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’, ‘The Millennium Bug’, ‘No loss of Sovereignty’ and ‘The Advantage of EU Membership’ as the Government’s tallest stories.

This all links nicely with the transport committee’s Galileo satellite, being built with more Euros than anyone can afford, to duplicate the free US GPS system. But of course it will reduce CO2 by tracking and imposing taxes on traffic.

The Transport Committee has also been working on ‘airline bankruptcy’ measures, stating that if airlines go bust, then passengers should be given compensation.

Of course, the EU has been rather shy about who will pay for all this, but it is a safe bet that it will be, as usual, the British taxpayer.

In addition UKIP efforts to stop the EU plan allowing 60 tonne continental trucks arriving and destroying our roads have received massive publicity. We must redouble our efforts to oppose it.

I was delighted to be re-elected to represent the people of the West Midlands and continue to oppose the EU with all my might.

Mike Nattress MEP, via e-mail.



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