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Cornish parking

ON a visit to Cornwall last month I received a parking ticket, the first in 39 years of driving.

ON a visit to Cornwall last month I received a parking ticket, the first in 39 years of driving.

I have always taken great care when parking and suffice to say that I was in no way causing an obstruction. The area was subject to a restricted zone status and I and two other motorists received a penalty ticket.

Okay no excuse, pay the penalty, but I later spoke to several locals and they all told me that many people park in this spot and receive penalty tickets and most of those are visitors to the area, one person told me that they get hundreds over the main holiday periods.

I have since spoken to several people who either live in Cornwall or visit regularly and it appears that in many parts the signage is ambiguous and at times difficult to understand.

As many readers take holidays in Cornwall I would like to advise them that they should take great care when parking, especially in areas that have restricted zones, the areas do not need to have any road marking such as yellow lines, they may only have very small signs dotted along the route, they will have larger signs on entering the area but these can be quite a distance away (as in my case) and parking in what looks like a reasonable area may result in a penalty of up to £70.

Also when in the car parks pay particular attention to the (very) small print on the boards it may be that you do not need to pay after a certain time.

David Jones, Kimberley Road, Solihull

Magnetic effect

I SEE that the Government doing its bung for the rich and compensation is being paid to owners on the proposed HS2 route for properties worh over £500,000.

Strange isnt it that the rich get compo but if you are in a council house you will just get moved, but hey what’s this, the Maglev remember that we had one at Birmingham airport and we scrapped it, so isn’t it amazing in China they’ve built one that runs further than the proposed HS2 route and only cost a £1bn

It runs at over 200 mph on magnets - and yes we scrapped ours.

So there we are, a government planning for the future, with a rail system that’s already out of date.

ST Vaughan, Glastonbury Road, Yardley Wood


Re: Mr Bramham’s letter, could the gentleman, prove what he is saying?

The reaction we get from most people that don’t believe or are confused is almost always the same, but that’s great! John’s Gospel tells us, [John 15 v 18] If the world hates you,you know that it hated me, before it hated you? Jesus said [Romans 12 verse 14] bless those who persecute you,bless and do not curse.

The Bible tells us to judge not lest we be judged.

You can question me I can’ t judge you or make you do anything you don’t want to do, we as Christians can only inform you how much God loves you but your salvation has got a price that has all ready been paid by his son Jesus Christ.

My only hope is that one day you will give some thought to your salvation, like me I put it off for 42 years and I nearly missed my chance.

P Thomas, Baxters Rd, Shirley



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