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Council reviews waste collection

THE cabinet member in charge of waste and recycling has promised a full review into current services.

THE cabinet member in charge of waste and recycling has promised a full review into current services.

Councillor Tim Hodgson said that the Lib-Lab administration would be considering ways to simplify the collections.

Last Friday, the Solihull News joined Coun Hodgson on a refuse truck doing its rounds in Dorridge.

We put some of your most common questions and complaints about services to the new cabinet member for the environment.

“At the moment the waste is sorted at the kerbside, but we would look at the possibility of taking it to a facility and sorting it there,” he said.

“We want to make it as easy as possible and there are places where people have one wheelie-bin where everything goes in.

“I think we have had people raise concerns in Solihull that there are too many bins and boxes. We are in a contract, but we need to look at ways to make it simpler.”

Coun Hodgson said that, while Solihull had previously lagged-behind, the recycling system had been improved in recent years.

Possibilities being considered by the new administration include recycling food-waste and powering vehicles with natural-gas - generated from the rubbish.

The target in the medium term is to recycle 60 per cent of all waste.

“There have been excellent results if you look at some of the district councils, just over the border in Warwickshire,” said Coun Hodgson.

“In the long-term we want to go even further.”

Along the route, the team slapped stickers on bins which were overflowing - or had extra rubbish next to them.

Starting this week, the council is not collecting “side waste” - anything which doesn’t fit in the bin.

While some householders have criticised the move, Coun Hodgson said that it was a way of getting people into good habits.

“For large families or people with special circumstances, bigger bins are available,” he added.

Anyone with concerns about their waste or recycling collection should call Solihull Council on 0121 704 8000.



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