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Couples saying I do all over again at Solihull Register Office

LYNN and Eric Skipp have become the first people in the borough to renew their wedding vows in a civil ceremony at Solihull Register Office.

LYNN and Eric Skipp have become the first people in the borough to renew their wedding vows in a civil ceremony at Solihull Register Office.

The service on July 30 was the first of its kind after Solihull Council recently introduced the Renewal of Vows ceremony as a way for couples to rededicate their commitment to one another.

The Skipps, right, wanted to renew their vows to mark their Silver wedding anniversary - 25 years to the day - with their family and friends.

Lynn, said: "We looked on the internet and found that Solihull Register Office were beginning to offer the Renewal of Vows ceremony so we though it would be a great way to celebrate.

"We didn't want all the pomp and circumstance that we might have had with a church blessing and we were able to tailor-make the ceremony to how we wanted it with the help of the Registrars.

Registrar, Jacqueline Stephens, who performed the ceremony said: "It was a lovely day where the couple re-dedicated their rings to one another to symbolise the occasion. We are expecting this type of ceremony to take off amongst couples wanting to celebrate special anniversaries and to re-affirm their love for one another."

Another new service at Solihull Register Office saw baby Sophie Isabelle Robins and her family take part in the the council's very first Naming Ceremony.

Proud parents Jane Hounsore and Paul Robins approached the Council after learning that Naming Ceremonies are a new service on offer at the register Office.

In the emotional service, which took place on July 12 , Sophie, aged six months, was welcomed by her family and supporting adults- similar to god parents, who made promises to help raise and support her.

Laurie Upton, Registrar said: 'Naming ceremonies are not just about announcing the name that parents' have chosen for their child, they are also a way to welcome children into the family unit. What makes them so special is that families can design the service the way they want. I was surprised at how emotional Sophie's ceremony was as it is the first one we have had. Family and friends were all involved which made this occasion a lovely one to be a part of.'

Older brother Ben Hounsore, 10, dedicated a poem it to his little sister while doting mother Jane read a poem called A Mothers Wish.

Jane said: 'We wanted the day to be special and personal to Sophie, and with the help of registrar staff, we were able to design a perfect ceremony. We wanted it to be a surprise for guests, they didn't know what to expect, so when the poems and promises were read out during the service everyone became very emotional. The fact that Sophie is the first child to have a Naming Ceremony at Solihull Register Office made the day extra special.'



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