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Cruel fate

I want people to know what type of government they have.

I want people to know what type of government they have. I have just seen footage on Sky News about animal cruelty.

Apparently Animal Aid, the welfare association, has filmed pigs being burnt in the face and one which was punched. The Sky News footage also showed workers hitting the pigs with a baseball bat and dragging a pig which cannot stand up by its ears into the slaughter arena.

DEFRA, which Meriden MP Caroline Spelman runs, is refusing to prosecute this company as it says the footage has been obtained illegally and they would have a job getting a conviction.

I have never heard anything so disgusting and if cruelty is seen to be happening to animals, humans, whoever, the perpetrators should be taken to court and suffer the same fate in my opinion. Of course, we have a PM who we now learn likes shooting so animals will be low priority on his list of doing the right thing by.

Humans, and in particular politicians, disgust me. Thank God for Rupert Murdoch I say for allowing this footage to be given space on his news programme.

Linda Brown, Devitts Close, Shirley



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Multimedia Journalist
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