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ONE of the simplest and handy of Apps, in my view, is EverNote.

ONE of the simplest and handy of Apps, in my view, is EverNote.

It provides a great way to record stuff you want to come back to, a memory jogger. It runs on broad range of platforms including almost all smartphones, PCs and Macs and has attracted 45 million users.

The killer feature of EverNote is the automatic synchronization of local copies with the master, held out there in the Cloud. So you can install it on several devices, make notes on one and have access to them on each. However, it is different to DropBox and Google Docs, which are collaborative tools, EverNote is a personal organiser.

I have it installed on my work phone, personal phone and laptop. Notes I made on the laptop at home in preparation for travelling to a meeting are available on my Galaxy in the meeting. Notes I make in the meeting are available on the laptop when I’m back in the office.

What is really useful is the ability to append all sorts of stuff to a Note, like files from a PC or a picture direct from a phone camera, or sections of web pages or even an audio clip recorded live. From carrying a travel itinerary on your phone through capturing an amusing Tweet before it gets lost in the morass to capturing a snap of a whiteboard full of ideas, it has a host of uses.

The free version gives you up to 60Mb per month. The premium version has a 1Gb per month limit and some useful added value features for just £35 a year. Find out more at



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