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SO, here we are in 2013. But what will be the key IT trends of the New Year?

SO, here we are in 2013. But what will be the key IT trends of the New Year?

The hottest prediction seems to be that this will be the year of the phablets, devices with 5 to 7 inch screens that are both smartphones and tablets, like the Galaxy Note. These readings of the runes come from the same folks who poured cold water at first onto Samsung’s Note, saying it was too big and folk would not buy it. However, now that 15 million Notes are filling pockets and handbags worldwide and manufacturers are scrambling to launch competing products, minds have changed.

Could this year also see phone functionality included in a full blown tablet, with a 7 inch screen or larger? Although too inconvenient to hold against our ears, why do we need to, anyway? We are used to phoning ‘hands free’ in cars, so why not elsewhere? I say add voice calling to the convenience and versatility of an iPad or Nexus.

Another hot tip for 2013 is the emergence into the mainstream of ‘Personal Cloud’ products. Storing files in ‘the Cloud’ so that they can be accessed from anywhere has become popular. However, all of these limit free space and/or features and then start charging. So, products, such as Tonido and PogoPlug, are emerging to allow unlimited free cloud storage. These still give secure access but run on home networks rather than in remote rented space.



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