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AS a Dorridge resident I want to bring to your attention the closure of a local business and what I believe is a case of big corporation bullies.

AS a Dorridge resident I want to bring to your attention the closure of a local business and what I believe is a case of big corporation bullies.

Dorridge Deli is a prosperous business serving the community. However the cafe is closing as the owners have been forced out by Sainsbury’s. I understand Sainsbury’s were meant to negotiate a new premises with the owners but have kept moving the goalposts.

It has taken the owners to breaking point and they have been forced to close from December 18. It is a real tragedy that in these recessionary times a business that works is being forced out by big corporations. Are there to be no local traders any more? Do we want soulless communities with big corporations running everything and no enterprise?

Myself and other customers are appalled at Sue and Elaine’s situation. Sainsbury’s hold your head in shame.

Jon Jennings, Westfield Close, Dorridge


Keyed off

I WOKE up Friday morning to find someone had ‘keyed’ the passenger side of my car door. What kind of imbecile would do this? This could have only happened on Thursday and in only two places: 1. In Lindridge Road in Shirley where I park to get the train or in the evening in Marsh Lane in Hampton-in-Arden to attend the fireworks display at the Beeches pub.

I would like to think it wasn’t an angry resident in Shirley because they were annoyed at where I had parked. But at the time I travel the station car park is full and none of the roads off Neville Road have single or double yellow lines so it is perfectly legitimate to park there.

If it was done here then I would like to say please don’t scratch my car to warn me of my parking, just be an adult and leave me a note.

If it was a resident in Hampton-In-Arden I’ll say to them the same as above and also add that in the particular place I parked on Marsh Lane there are no houses so I can’t be obstructing a driveway.

Adam Wiltshire, vie e-mail


Running late

What a good turn-out at the Remembrance Day Parade Service at the Cenotaph in Shirley this year despite the miserable weather. The uniformed organisations, having marched from the Royal British Legion Club, were all assembled by 10:40 with not a coat or umbrella in sight.

Such a shame then that the service did not start until 10:50 and that consequently the two minute silence was 4-5 minutes late. Considering we were remembering those who have made the ultimate sacrifice what a disgrace that Shirley could not manage to observe it at the same time as the rest of the country. An improvement on last year maybe, but still just not good enough.

Gail Muin via e-mail


Pool shocker

FOLLOWING on from ‘Farcical swim’ (Letters). My daughters and I swim regularly and from day one we have been disappointed with the standards of cleanliness, broken lockers, broken showers, and broken locks on cubicles. The floors are always filthy – it makes us cringe to walk on them with bare feet. My membership is due for renewal this week and is in serious jeopardy.

Sharon Roche, via e-mail


Damp squib

I AGREE with the letter by David Gilmour ‘Farcical swim’. I cannot understand why the reception area remains locked as we were always able to at least stand inside.

Very often the pool is not ready until well after 8am and not long ago a gala had obviously taken place the night before and nothing had been dismantled. The ladies’ toilets were also dirty. We take most of this in our stride but now I feel we have every reason to start complaining. After all our beloved old pool was pulled down despite all the petitions that were signed.

S Collins, via e-mail



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