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Dirty business

DOG fouling - why is there so much of it around the Shirley, Solihull area?

DOG fouling - why is there so much of it around the Shirley, Solihull area?

Some of us still do walk to school. I am forever calling out to my children to watch where they walk.

Dog owners need to be more responsible.

Angry resident


Not so easy

WITH reference your editorial in the Homeseeker supplement of the Solihull News. It is extremely difficult to run a bus service!

I once applied for a job of controller, question put ‘If a driver starts at 5.14am finishes at 9.08am how much will he be paid?’

If the driver can’t work out his pay, what chance is there of running the bus services? No I didn’t get the job.

If you want to see a good bus service try Oxford. I used to travel around with my job and was in Oxford watching the buses - you see a clean bus with a smart well dressed driver complete with TIE properly on, not left loose. Clean bus, smart driver what better?

George Rigby, Solihull


Stony silence

FOLLOWING the letter by Anne Kew I am also concerned by the lack commitment of our pick and choose MP.

The planning application by the Birmingham & Solihull Rugby Club to build residential properties on the sports field in Sharmans Cross Road was well known. It produced uproar and intense opposition in the local community.

From the Lib Dem MP - stony silence.

She is paid handsomely for her position and has generous expenses and allowances from the State to perform her duties to all her constituents. But does she also serve another master at the Rugby Football Club?

I am told that she is a vice president of B&S RFC. Faced with such a situation she chose to opt out of the planning matter and leave it to local residents to protest without her support.

This chameleon is not up to her job.

E Morton



Green dream

I welcome the chance that voters in Meriden constituency will have to vote for the Green Party candidate Dr Elley Stanton in the General Election. It is surely time that we had a Green Party member for Parliament from the West Midlands.

The Green Party offers a chance to register a vote that will put pressure on all the parties to change their ways and to vote for a greener and more sustainable way of life.

I congratulate Dr Stanton and hope she makes her journey to a seat in the House of Commons. Now that is something to look forward to in 2010.

Roger King

Everitt Drive, Knowle


So grateful

THE Friends of Solihull Hospital would like to thank their many supporters in 2009 when a grand total of £55,351.53 was spent buying vital equipment for your hospital.

Please continue supporting us in 2010 by giving generously with items to sell.

G Cother



Get real

YOUR unnamed correspondent taking issue over the postman’s rubber bands (Letters) seems unduly excited by the least of all litter problems, if one it is.

Postmen do a good job, often in difficult conditions, and if they fail to pocket all these items - so what. I take it that your writer collects the fallen ones from a sense of community spirit and then bins them, or perhaps finds them useful as I do?

Whilst picking up the worrying rubber bands I wonder do they gather also the bottles, cans, snack wrappers and fast food packaging etc that more prominently litter the pavements. Taking issue over these items would be more understandable.

Making revenue from the postman’s minor indiscretions would pale into insignificance if the council were to apply by law robustly in respect of real littering. It took a letter from an American national, resident in Solihull (Letters February 12) to note the lack of pride shown here compared to her own country. In this country generally pride, as a virtue, doesn’t appear to exist.

R Probert

Balsall Common


Tyre trouble

ON February 22 it felt like a bad day. I went to Solihull Council to sort some problems out, came out to go home, our car was parked outside Citizens Advice with disabled stickers on display.

Someone had run into it. They had punctured a tyre. A man and his wife asked if they could help us.

He helped to change the tyre. His wife and I waited, we were able to sit in Citizens Advice in the warm until the job was done, thus restoring my faith in human nature. A big heartfelt thanks go to Len and Eileen and the Citizens Advice.

Mr & Mrs Turrell




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