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WITH reference to the ‘Kingfisher School sit in’. This report makes reference to Mr Jim Knight, the Minister of State for Schools and Learning, stating that Solihull Council will have to take the views of local people into account.

WITH reference to the ‘Kingfisher School sit in’. This report makes reference to Mr Jim Knight, the Minister of State for Schools and Learning, stating that Solihull Council will have to take the views of local people into account.

He also refers to new schools being built on existing school sites. Furthermore Ed Williams says the final decision must put pupils first.

Fine words, however I believe the die was cast in 2005. Why? Because the Primary Schools Strategic Framework, North Solihull, which was approved in February 2006, contains the following:

1. A prediction of the decline in the number of pupils. Now that’s no surprise as two tower blocks, along with a large number of properties, have been standing empty and boarded up, plus quite a number have already been demolished.

2. Prediction that an additional 1,000 places may be required as new builds become available.

3. Proposed school reorganisation. Location North Arran Way Hub. Combine Bosworth Wood primary school and Kingfisher school, provisional date 2007/8.

It seems that the decision to merge schools was taken in 2005/6, so all this talk of consultation would appear to be nothing more than token gestures and would only raise false hopes. Is it too much to ask for honesty from the start?

Yours disillusioned,

Diana Stokes, Windsor Road, Smith’s Wood


A great night

ROMEO and Juliet was a fantastic show put on by students and staff of Lyndon School. Year 6 pupils from Gilbertstone primary school went to see it and as one of the parents who attended with them, I must say the cast were superb. The dancing and acting was phenomenal. Well done Lyndon School. Romeo and Juliet was the best show I’ve seen in a long time.

Sam Lindsay, Solihull


It doesn’t add up

DEREK Sheldon needs to go back to the classroom and have some lessons in maths. A ballot of 142 staff at Lyndon School resulted in 103 voting against trust status, 14 were in favour, 13 abstained and 12 did not vote. This means the majority of staff voted against the proposal. It seems like Mr Sheldon could also do with some lessons in good staff relations and the democratic process.

An employee of Lyndon School


Global solution

IT gets so boring reading about and listening to all the silly things we can do to save the planet. Even someone like myself can work out that the only solution is to reduce the population. But don’t expect anyone to listen to someone talking sensibly.

Ray Dyke, Leafield Road, Solihull


Lavatory relief

WHILST I was staying with my granddaughter I went to Scarborough and I was shocked to find when I visited a toilet on the seafront that one had to queue to obtain a ticket from the cash desk at a fee of 40p. The toilets themselves are badly in need of refurbishment.

Thank goodness our own town facilities such as this aren’t so costly.

Name and address supplied


Help our tree grow

THIS year St Mary’s Church at Temple Balsall is hoping to raise funds for both the church fabric and The Foundation of Lady Katherine Leveson Residents’ Amenities Fund from their Christmas tree.

We are looking for sponsors to make a donation by sponsoring a light on our church Christmas tree. This could also be made in memory of a loved one. If you would like to make a donation it can be sent to the Parish Office, Temple Balsall, Knowle, Solihull B93 0AL.

Alternatively donations can be made on line at and follow the link to ‘about the Foundation’.

Chris Mundell, The Foundation of Lady Katherine Leveson


Get the jab

AS a long-serving member of the local NHS Patient Information Advisory Panel and a health campaigner, I can assure parents, grandparents and relatives that for young children it is not only safe but essential that they have the MMR injection at an early age. This will prevent the serious long-term bad effects of measles and other associated ailments.

Like all medicines there can be mild side-effects but they are never permanent or fatal. Several years ago a well intentioned but misguided Doctor Wakefield spread worry amongst parents by implying that this injection could sometimes cause autism. The result was that parents took fright, meaning that many children did not benefit from the jab.

Worldwide medical authorities proved his untested theories were entirely wrong.

Sadly his dogmatic views caused uptake to decrease from nearly 100 per cent to a dangerously low 80 per cent and it’s taken a long time to regain public confidence.

Fortunately the British Medical Association completely repudiated his claims.

We are now again winning the battle to restore public confidence and acceptance, but we must remain diligent. Likewise, old and infirm people should have the flu jab annually, remembering this is cost free and reduces the chance of serious illness.

Don Bargery, Solihull



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