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Dodgy figures

In February the Solihull News ran a story about the benefits of HS2.

In February the Solihull News ran a story about the benefits of HS2. You quoted 22,000 jobs being created in the West Midlands. I am curious to know where you got this number...

If my memory serves me well the Government is suggesting an additional 7,000 jobs in the West Midlands and the rest in London. This should be compared to the number of public sector jobs lost recently to save Birmingham City Council so much per year.

It is also worth noting that the plan is to expand the capacity of Birmingham Airport from approximately 8.5 million passengers per year to 30 million passengers once HS2 is completed.

The residents of Solihull may care to ponder on the effect this will have on the background noise in the area whilst it is still quiet enough to think. Philip Hammond has a vested interested in expanding Birmingham Airport instead of Heathrow since he is MP for Staines.

Kate Sugden via e-mail


First class

There has been much criticism of Heartlands Hospital in the past but my recent stay in Ward 12 completely altered my opinion of this Hospital.

Within 12 hours of my admittance my condition was diagnosed and I had major surgery which saved my life. The nursing care I received was superb and could not be surpassed.

The overworked staff showed great compassion and courtesy to all patients in that ward. Well done Ward 12 and Heartlands.

Valerie Bodenham via e-mail


Backing Macmillan

Macmillan Cancer Support would like to thank the people of Hobs Moat for their support with our street collection on April 16. A wonderful £475.05 was raised and we are extremely pleased with this.

We rely on voluntary donations for 99 per cent of our income, so we simply couldn’t do what we do for people affected by cancer without your support.

Ann Gumery fund raising support assistant for Macmillan Cancer Support – 0121 742 6393


Vote for change

Some people believe that the referendum proposal to change the way we elect MPs to the Alternative Vote (AV) system does not go far enough. After all minor points of view as promoted by smaller parties are unlikely to benefit as much as they would if it was changed to a system of Proportional Representation (PR). Even the architect of the referendum Nick Clegg once called it a ‘miserable little compromise’.

As one of those smaller parties, the National Liberal Party, we would of course prefer PR; it’s fairer and would revitalise our democracy.

However, if the ‘no’ vote wins we may never be offered a referendum again on any change in electing MPs for the next 100 years. But if the ‘yes’ vote wins we believe we are more likely to be offered the chance to vote for some real reform. So we ask voters to ‘cross their fingers’ and Vote ‘yes’ to AV on May 5!

Graham Williamson

National Liberal Party



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