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Dog bite alert

LAST Sunday July 25 in the nature reserve close to St Alphege Junior School, my children were out cycling with their Dad.

LAST Sunday July 25 in the nature reserve close to St Alphege Junior School, my children were out cycling with their Dad.

My youngest son was warned by a woman walking two Weimaraner dogs not to approach them, so he kept well away. The dogs were barking very loudly, and were not on leads.

My eldest son (aged 11) cycled past the dogs and one of them bit his leg, causing a deep puncture wound, huge bruise, a trip to A&E, and a course of antibiotics.

The owner of the dog was very relaxed about the whole thing and told the dog ‘bad dog, no treats for a week!’ I have been advised to log a complaint with the police.

I am most concerned that this will happen again, if a smaller child had been involved I dread to think of the damage this aggressive dog could inflict.

A Walker, Danford Lane, Solihull


The crafty cat

I have just received the Bickenhill Parish Council newsletter and was pleased to note the mention of ‘dog fouling’.

I strongly agree that owners should take responsibility for their pet’s fouling and also noted that ‘dog’ waste bags are available free from Marston Green Library. As the proud owner of two dogs I am always more than happy to retrieve any mess they make.

However, I am always surprised to find ‘cat foul’ in my garden. Sometimes the cats make their own little lavatories and close the lid (cover their foul with soil). This makes for a delightful surprise when planting your marigolds (and it doesn’t help them to grow).

It’s like babies - it’s one thing to do your own but you don’t want to do everybody else’s. As stated, Solihull MBC has been so successful in it’s recent campaign against dog fouling, perhaps they can run one for the crafty cat? - for example cat owner’s could purchase a litter tray and dispose of those special little packages themselves.

Debbie Basford, Farndon Avenue

Marston Green



I would like to respond to the many letters on the planning application for the Waitrose store in Knowle. It is evident that Kimberley Development has not produced a plan that has the full support of many residents but I also acknowledge that a new food store does find favour with some.

The case for improving the village centre, including car parking, but with least inconvenience and change would seem a welcome outcome. I support the government’s approach for the community to benefit from the reforms of ‘localism’ introduced in new policy.

That is, a consultation process where we work with developers and planners to deliver a new project so residents are confident their opinions matter.

It is essential we maintain the character and well being of our village whilst adapting to sensitive and responsible development that has the support of the community.

Councillor Alan Rebeiro, Knowle Ward


Another parrot

I live in Colesbourne Road near to Lyndon School and I was very surprised to see the photo of the parrot in the paper, because there must be two!

We have heard the parrot for about five weeks now.

It’s noisy and can be heard at around 5am and in the evening. I have spotted it through binoculars and after consulting the internet I have come to the conclusion that it is an Amazon Green Parrot.

It is green, has yellow cheeks, some yellow on its tail and orange-red on the underside of its wings.

Nobody seems to have reported this or any parrot missing and they are expensive pets.

My theory is that as the bird is so loud and squawks such a lot, the owners may have released it on purpose.

I think that it would be very hard to catch it now and any way seems to enjoy its diet of cherries!

Name and address supplied


Make ’em pay

Re - Teens pay up for window repair - 23/07/10 Solihull News.

‘Community Resolutions’ are a step in the right direction, making the two boys pay to have the broken window repaired will hopefully make them think twice about doing it again, however I would imagine their parents footed the bill so hopefully they will take better control of their offspring in future to avoid forking out again.

R Butwell - Shirley


Gummed up

THEY should stop selling chewing gum because the people who use it do not have the mentality to dispose of it sensibly and I dread to think how much it costs my council blasting it off the pavements annually.

Ray Dyke, Leafield Road, Solihull



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