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Doing his bit

FOOD BILLS rocketing, gas and electric shocking, pump prices pulverising, so thank goodness we are all in this together.

FOOD BILLS rocketing, gas and electric shocking, pump prices pulverising, so thank goodness we are all in this together.

That our millionaire MPs are in there supporting us, and as we pull in our belts until they hurt, at least we know that as David puts on his two grand Saville Row suit he’s thinking of our pain.

And as our energy minister uses taxis and chauffeur driven limos, he’s doing his bit to save the world, it gives me a warm comforting feeling in that knowledge that William, Kate, Liz and Philip, David and George are all in there pulling together.

S T Vaughan, Glastonbury Road, Yardley Wood


Not interested

RE THE recent letter from Steve Hall on the ongoing religous debate surely the paper itself should be brought to task as it continually seems to publish letters from a select few who it seems can write anything and its published.

There must be some things out there of more interest and why do we keep getting letters from our local councillors being published for polictical gain when they have the council house and its regular meetings to air their views which is something I don’t.


Via e-mail


Too old now

JIM Wild is quite right. I am long in the tooth - 68 years old to be precise - and am only too conscious of it.

So much so in fact, I would never consider becoming a member of a public body like a local council, even if such an opportunity came my way.

One or two acquaintances have suggested to me (don’t laugh, Jim) I should stand for election to Solihull Council. My reply is always the same: “I’m far too old for that.”

These people may think that after a reasonably successful career in journalism (the profession Mr Wild obviously hates so much), I could contribute something useful on behalf of the local community. Perhaps.

Our septuagenarian council leader, Ken Meeson, is usually very constructive when responding to readers’ letters in the Solihull News, and last week’s offering was no exception.

He was quite right to point out that the cabinet system imposed on councils by central government is effectively anti-democratic, because backbenchers have lost so much in status and influence.

Councillor Meeson says this has limited the scope for councillors ‘learning on the job’. But other councils, working under the same system, manage to promote younger members to top jobs.

The Conservative group on Birmingham City Council recently elevated a 28-year-old councillor to deputy leader and a 35-year-old was raised to executive member for children’s social care in the coalition.

Peter Kennedy,



Beat the drum

IN RESPONSE to Steve Hall’s recent letter, I have to say that although I’d agree with everything he said about personal choices and beliefs, I fear that he’s wasting his time in attempting to dissuade Mr P Thomas from writing letters to the ‘News’ promoting Christianity as the one and only proper hotline to God.

In my experience, Evangelists will always beat their drums for their chosen pathway through life and rarely, if ever admit that they could be wrong despite mountains of hard evidence to the contrary.

However, having been condemned to eternal damnation by Mr Thomas some years back for daring to question his hitherto unquestioned beliefs, I feel it would be wiser to ignore his incessant writings and carry on as normal - and I won’t be holding my breath whilst waiting for the four horsemen either!

John Bramham, Elmdon



IN AN article in the News, Caroline Spelman is reported as saying “Let’s be the generation that leaves the natural environment in a better state than we inherited it”.

Could she, or anyone, please explain how to reconcile that view with the concreting over of hundreds of acres of countryside to build an unwanted railway?

Peter Derrington, Balsall Common



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