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Don’t penalise me

MY black wheelie bin was stolen from the front of my property last weekend.

MY black wheelie bin was stolen from the front of my property last weekend. I ring up for a replacement only to find you want to charge me for this.

I am absolutely furious and disgusted that Solihull Council have taken this attitude.

Why should I be penalised for other peoples selfish and inconsiderate actions? Do they not think that by introducing these ridiculous charges they are simply encouraging people to steal from one another and simply encouraging fly-tipping?

I pay my council tax for a refuse collection service that the council is now not providing me with. Please pass on the contact details for the person who can reduce my council tax bill accordingly.

I drive a small car, so how does the council expect me to pick up a wheelie bin?

The council says I can use Bickenhill waste disposal if I don’t want to pay for a replacement. Sorry why should I? I pay for a service that Solihull Council should be providing and they are not doing this.

I will not pay and I will not be taking my waste to Bickenhill. I will be putting my rubbish out in the street and if the refuse collectors will not take it then it will be left there.

Janine Seal via e-mail


Soccer yob culture

I HAVE lived in Knowle for a good many years and have seen standards of behaviour dropping rapidly.

After England winning last Wednesday some idiot went up Lodge Road with a blue paint spray can and sprayed walls, dustbins and one poor person’s car.

Later in the evening my son was walking along Station Road and idiots in cars went by throwing potatoes at houses. One hit my son but luckily did no harm. If this happens when we win a game what on earth will the behaviour be if we lose?

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