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Don’t ruin it

Morrisons has over 300 parking spaces, is accessed from a dedicated slip road from a dual carriageway controlled by traffic lights.

Morrisons has over 300 parking spaces, is accessed from a dedicated slip road from a dual carriageway controlled by traffic lights. Sainsbury’s Mell Square has over 500 parking spaces at its disposal.

Dorridge village centre is so small and the store size so great that the only way Sainsbury’s can muster 170 parking spaces to service the store, plus hairdressers, restaurants, doctors surgery etc is by citing the car park on the roof and desperately grabbing back on-road spaces by altering current parking restrictions on the nearest residential roads.

Is a floodlit rooftop car park really what we want to see in the midst of our village?

If it takes dual carriageways, traffic lights and hundreds of parking spaces to keep traffic moving around a store of this size, how can it ever be appropriate for a village centre the size of Dorridge?

Sainsbury’s know the market, a store half the size, imaginatively laid out and stocked with the right goods would still make them a fortune in Dorridge,

In Dorridge we have something to be proud of, let’s not ruin it for the sake of a supermarket.

Alison McWilliam via e-mail


Voting regrets

These pages have often published letters of criticism of the performance, or lack of it, of Meriden MP Caroline Spelman.

The latest being, as person in charge of DEFRA, her refusal to take action against a company involved in cruelty to pigs.

At the last General Election, my wife and I voted for Mrs Spelman, something we now deeply regret and which we certainly would not do again.

However, she will obviously not be concerned by the occasional disaffected voter, because if the Conservatives entered a chimpanzee in this particular safe seat, it would win.

A.Cole via e-mail


Take action

LIKE Linda Brown (Letters) I too was sickened by Animal Aid’s report of cruelty to pigs in abattoirs in this country. The very fact that smoking was taking place around livestock is a public health issue; and even if the Government is not concerned about the cruelty to these unfortunate animals, it is their duty to take some action.

Barbara Mutchell, Solihull


Bad manners

WHEN we were children our father, a life-long cyclist, taught us never to ride two abreast on our bikes. He told us it was dangerous and bad mannered.

On Sunday, driving from Knowle towards Temple Balsall along the B4101, we had to follow a 10-strong block of cyclists who made it impossible for anyone to overtake them.

On reaching Fen End Road they turned right and then spread across the entire road.

They appeared to be members of a club of some kind. It would be interesting to hear their explanation of such grossly bad road behaviour. The next time we hear cyclists complaining about motorists we shall simply laugh!

B Ellerslie, Knowle


It’s a menace

A ROAD safety hazard for pedestrians has been created as a result of the work to lessen the curve of the Yew Tree Lane entrance at the bypass to allow the Land Rover juggernauts an easier turn.

The kerb line has been brought in, and the pavement cut back into the grass verge to keep the width. However the 30mph post has been left in the centre of the pavement. Somewhat disgusting really. It presents a real hazard to the blind and to those pushing a buggy.

Council Tax payers money has been wasted because this will now have to be moved as secondary work whereas it should have been moved when the pavement was cut back into the verge.

Richard Taylor via e-mail


So caring

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to a wonderful group of carers and nurses from a group called SPA.

I’d never heard of them, yet when my husband Les was terminally ill, they came in daily, the nurses were wonderful and we got every bit of help we needed as he refused to go into hospital.

Thanks to them all, and I was able to keep my promise to keep him at home.

J Palfrey, Waterson Croft


Charity delight

THE Veterans Association street collection held on Saturday, August 6 raised £1,522.97, thank you Solihull, Shirley, Balsall Common and Knowle.

E Keen, branch treasurer



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